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fiddly quilts

Perhaps I should have titled this, “The-Opposite-of-Fiddly Quilts.”

When my sister was visiting, she mentioned that quilting seems too precise, and she would never be able to get all those corners right. (I worry about all the points not being right, too, but have learned that ease is my friend and how to use it.) The next two photos are from the May 2002 issue of Victoria magazine. Pay attention to the quilt on the couch. I use both photos of it, the first one is a close up to show you the sewing lines. Straight. And the patchwork is lengths of color. Easy peasy.
modern quilt

This next photo shows the same quilt in its home setting, its colors reflected in the surrounding decor. I show you this photo to demonstrate how this simple object brings the whole room together and “finishes” it. Imagine the same room without that quilt. It adds just the right note of fresh celery/chartreuse to keep the blues from being overwhelming, but also echos the blues in its body. You can’t go to the store and buy that piece, you have to explain to a quilt maker and send paint samples if you want a perfect fit. Or you could make it yourself. It looks like it is divided by black, and
the edges bound in black. This makes the piece stand out as very modern, and city-ish, with none of the country charm usually associated with quilting.
modern quilt

Hey, I was just looking at the magazine description a little closer, and noted the quilt is made by Denyse Schmidt, now known as quite a popular fabric designer. I just bought some fabric of hers a month or so back. Interesting to see the progression of a career.


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I refer to my stack of old issues of Victoria magazine when I want to be inspired about pretty things to buy or create. These photos are from the September 2002 issue and likely my eye skipped over them the first time, because what I was looking at eight years ago are likely not the same things I see now. Now I have more skills and time to create thing, so I can observe with a more critical eye and determine if something outside of my range back then is something I can pull off now.

This armoire full of folded quilts is a simple comfort. Pretty, and a reminder of warm blankets. Particularly nice, now that the evening are starting to turn. What a luxury to have stacks and stacks of pretty quilts.

And I know I did not even notice that weighted doily the first time I saw this photo. A blog (I don’t remember which one) this summer mentioned making weighted napkins to cover picnic items on the table, and I thought that was a good idea. This doily does the same thing for indoor (or possibly outdoor) foods. How pretty is that? My sister visited this summer and spent her sitting time making a doily, but I don’t have time for that. Not when a thrifted doily is a quarter or fifty cents and I already have a stack. I will go through my bead collection and see what I can do!

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What’s better than a sale? A vintage clothing sale, that’s what! Just to help spread the word about a good thing, J Peterman is having a sale on some of it’s close-out items. I bought this gorgeous dress a few weeks ago when it’s sale price was slightly higher, and it is my favorite dress ever. It has a full slip built right in, so even though it’s slinky it’s still pretty safe.
so pretty
Right now it is $68 and there are a lot of sizes left. It’s also available in black. And I will give you even more help by telling you the promo code JPTEN gets you an additional 10% off, so that’s like most of the shipping is waived.

There’s lots of other items on the sale, but this is one gorgeous dress you will not regret.

I just know I will regret not buying a version in black, too….

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