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Yay, another pillowcase finished! I need to have a pair of these, but that might never happen. This is a BIG design, and I don’t like to sew the same thing twice.


I had some sitting-around-time last week, and wasn’t quite up to painting. Plus, my sewing machine is in the shop for a tune-up (what timing!) and this was the only hand-sewing project I had to work on. At least it’s finished before Christmas, right?


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Tah-dah, another pillowcase finished.


At first I pulled out browns, grays, black, but then realized it was going to make for a boring combination. I have done that before, no thanks. So I pulled out these fun colors instead. And then I started on it, and little miss said, “No, the colors should be browns and gray and black,” and of course I wasn’t going to change mid-stream. Plus, I know I wouldn’t have been happy with the finished product. So I stuck to my guns, but allowed the middle horse to be bluish gray. Come to think of it, I think I need one more color of blue in that mane — so there’s a tiny bit left to be done! But still, turned out nice, right? I ad libbed the sage brush, just to give the scene a little bit more dimension. I should put clouds above, but I’m afraid it starts taking up too much space…..

Oh, and speaking of embroidery, of course I had to pick up another packet at the store. There’s so rarely different ones, it’s hard to pass one up when you see it.


With the horse design, I was a little afraid the transfer was going to wear away before I’d finished embroidering, and I worked on it for only a week. It just seemed to get lighter that quickly. I don’t know if I didn’t iron it on long enough, or what. I’m usually happy with the Aunt Martha transfers, though.

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new embroidery transfers

I went to Joann’s Fabrics this week and was surprised to see their embroidery offerings have expanded. I swear the last time I checked (several years ago) there was nothing beyond Aida cloth, a small selection of thread color choices, and hoops. This time there were all sorts of pre-packaged projects ready to go: aprons, 1930s towels, pillowcase blanks, assorted towels. (Darn it, I meant to pick up those 1930s towels, too–3 for $8.99!)

There were several racks of Aunt Martha transfers, and despite I have a lot I haven’t used, I don’t have so many pillowcase choices. So I bought two more.

I did not have any plans to make more pillowcases for our own home, but when I saw these horses I relented. I’m working on that trio now.


And then I thought it might be nice to give away some Christmas-sy pillowcases. Those poinsettia flowers will look brilliant!


So that’s sort of what’s up next when I have a few spare moments to embroider! I’m so excited!

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Sorry, no new painting this week for anyone checking in about that. I have two finished, but they won’t be dry enough to list this coming week. I like them to be actually dry-to-ship before I show them off, just in case someone wants to purchase a piece right away. I hope no one is too disappointed!

I *did* finish another pillowcase — or, really, I actually finished it’s mate, too, but didn’t stop to take a photo. So this pair is finished!


And grandma spent the week with us, and gave me a hand finishing up painting this table.


Hah, that’s the before version. Pretty dated, right? Grandma put down a coat of cream colored paint, maybe two coats, and then I added the colors later. I particularly like seeing vintage displays where items are red/white/turquoise, but it doesn’t quite work as well with cream color. Live and learn. I bought the white flower knobs before I realized cream really meant yellowy.


It’s sort of a novelty and a challenge to have a game board sitting out all the time. I hope we find lots of time to put it to good use!

Thanks, grandma, for the help!

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This year I have big plans of embroidering pillowcases for Christmas gifts next year. Since embroidering is time-intensive I don’t know how far I will get, or who will end up with new pillowcases. Still, it’s a starting point.

I love how complicated this pattern is, and of course I need to embroider a second identical one. As the days get closer to December, I’m sure the designs will become the quick-and-easy ones.

But it’s nice to start out with big dreams of complicated and intricate.


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Yay, I thought this one would take forever to embroider but it is finished! And you can barely see that smudg,e and fingers crossed it will come out after one more wash with a stain out product.

Next up: I found 4 tea towels waiting to be embroidered (they must have been languishing at least 2 years), and I bet I can have at least two and maybe three finished by the end of swim lessons!

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This is a pillowcase I thrifted two years ago. It took me about 30 to 40 hours to do all the embroidery, so it only came out now and then when I sat at the doctor’s office or something like that.

Isn’t it beautiful? Almost all the modern pre-printed embroidery pillowcases are easy-peasy and too simplistic, and as a result not very pretty. Or at least the ones I see. I do not know how old this one is since I thrifted it, but I doubt you can buy anything like it today. Even the cotton fabric is much better quality than what I see for sale now.

I was lucky that this pattern had a mate. The unfortunate thing is that big old age-stain on it. And I am not going to put another 30 hours into this one just to find out the stain does not come out (if I pre-wash the fabric the printed pattern will wash away). Does anyone have any hints about getting that stain out? I would love to embroider this.

Also, for anyone interested in embroidering your own pillowcases, I have learned the hard way that French knots are not great for a pillowcase. When you lay your face down on them for any amount of time (like sleeping!) they hurt!

**I do know one of the flower loops is not embroidered. I noticed it while I was doing the final hemming.

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