mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases

I made two of these, whew, what a lot of work. Still, I was glad of being able to sit around and keep my hands busy. These turned out so pretty. I kept the color palette limited so the design wasn’t too complicated, but with enough variation that the result wasn’t cartoonish. The variegated purpleContinue reading “mspt: make something pretty today – pillowcases”

finished: poinsettia pillowcase

Yay, another pillowcase finished! I need to have a pair of these, but that might never happen. This is a BIG design, and I don’t like to sew the same thing twice. I had some sitting-around-time last week, and wasn’t quite up to painting. Plus, my sewing machine is in the shop for a tune-upContinue reading “finished: poinsettia pillowcase”

sewing: horse pillowcase

Tah-dah, another pillowcase finished. At first I pulled out browns, grays, black, but then realized it was going to make for a boring combination. I have done that before, no thanks. So I pulled out these fun colors instead. And then I started on it, and little miss said, “No, the colors should be brownsContinue reading “sewing: horse pillowcase”

new embroidery transfers

I went to Joann’s Fabrics this week and was surprised to see their embroidery offerings have expanded. I swear the last time I checked (several years ago) there was nothing beyond Aida cloth, a small selection of thread color choices, and hoops. This time there were all sorts of pre-packaged projects ready to go: aprons,Continue reading “new embroidery transfers”

finished projects: pillowcase, painted table

Sorry, no new painting this week for anyone checking in about that. I have two finished, but they won’t be dry enough to list this coming week. I like them to be actually dry-to-ship before I show them off, just in case someone wants to purchase a piece right away. I hope no one isContinue reading “finished projects: pillowcase, painted table”

finished: morning glory pillowcase

This year I have big plans of embroidering pillowcases for Christmas gifts next year. Since embroidering is time-intensive I don’t know how far I will get, or who will end up with new pillowcases. Still, it’s a starting point. I love how complicated this pattern is, and of course I need to embroider a secondContinue reading “finished: morning glory pillowcase”

sewing: finished pillowcase

This is a pillowcase I thrifted two years ago. It took me about 30 to 40 hours to do all the embroidery, so it only came out now and then when I sat at the doctor’s office or something like that. Isn’t it beautiful? Almost all the modern pre-printed embroidery pillowcases are easy-peasy and tooContinue reading “sewing: finished pillowcase”

Thrifty Thursday: lots of finds!

My sewing machine finally could not be coaxed into a consistent tension (all those awful loops disfiguring the back side) so I took it into town for a maintenance check. If there’s little bits of fuzz somewhere fouling up the works, I could not find it – but maybe a professional can figure it out!Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday: lots of finds!”