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I know, I am finishing pillowcases like lightening right? Thanks to a half hour four days a week watching swim lessons, anyway.

I did the partner pillowcase to this one last year (and then had lost this blank under a pile of stuff for a long time). I had to do the flowers yellow this time because I either lost or ran out of the variegated red used last time.

There are a lot of swim lessons left this summer, so maybe I will get a good inroad made on the mate to my complicated pillowcase. I was able to get out most of the rust stain by using lemon juice and sunlight, and am hopeful what is left will come out in the washer. It is not noticeable enough now to stop me from embroidering the blank. Thanks for the suggestions!


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I think I tried the limits of the lazy-daisy stitch on those red flowers. They are about 1/2 long on each loop. I’ll have to see whether it holds up in the laundry. Overall, I like the blue birds contrasting the red flowers. Even though they are about the same value, they still work because there is so much white. I’ve seen this pattern available new at several craft shops, it’s an Aunt Martha design.


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Yay, I finally thrifted a pillowcase blank where the manufacturer is legible! Bucilla, and they have a lot of options available for sale on the web. These are my favorite pillowcase blanks to find, because the cotton is the best quality and the designs are significantly more intricate than their competitors. But I’d never found one before where I could make out the stamped manufacturer….

I must still have at least 5 pillowcases to embroider, but these are hard to pass up. Actually, that 5 includes these 2 new ones which are more than half-done, so it’s not so bad.

And I scored at least 30 zippers for $3, all good colors which is unusual. 15 of them are not ones I will use, so I’ll put them aside for the big craft supply giveaway I’ll do someday. Maybe next June (?) for the OneWorldOneHeart giveaway. I’ll have to check when that is being held.

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bluebird pillowcase

Finishing up this bluebird pillowcase was on my list of unfinished projects from last year. When I finally sat down to stitch it up — I couldn’t find the pillowcase! I had made two pillowcase blanks out of cotton fabric, so I just ironed the design onto the second blank. It embroidered in about 4 hours — and as I got to hour 3, I realized I forgot to pre-shrink the fabric! Oh no! So the first time it goes through the wash, the embroidery will probably turn puckered. Fingers crossed that won’t happen…. How did I lose that first blank, anyway? I’ve looked everywhere!

I tossed the rest of the fabric into the wash, and when it’s preshrunk I’ll make a third pillowcase and then iron on this new bird design.

I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any new projects until my list of things unfinished from last year are finished, but how could I not buy those sweet birds? The instructions suggest lavender and yellow colorways, and red flowers with black centers and blue birds. I can see doing it both ways, they are very sweet birds!

I took ten minutes to finish up this embroidery, remember I thrifted the pllowcase mostly finished? Now I just need someone to crochet the edging! I know I’m not going to learn how to do that any time soon, myself.

Really, can you have enough pillowcases?

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This is that pre-printed pillowcase I thrifted a couple weeks ago. It took about 4 hours to embroider. I realized right away that it was going to turn into an awful lot of red flower and green leaves and I did not want that, so I carefully added enough other colors to turn it into more of a mid-European folky kind of design. Very pretty!

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Can you believe I am only NOW learning to crochet? It’s true.
red white blue
First project, a washcloth. Is everybody’s first project a washcloth? I’m excited to start on granny squares. It’s not like I need another excuse to make more blankets, though. Plenty of blankets. Still, can you have enough?

What I really need to learn crochet for is this:

Yep, I am still embroidering pillowcases. The kits that come pre-lace-edged are pretty ticky tacky and I could not feel very gracious using them. So I will have to crochet my own edge. One more thing to do.

Why can’t there be twice as many hours in a day???

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I waffled over this pillowcase because it’s not embroidered, but the pattern is just so romantic I thought, “What the heck.”
And I picked up this tablerunner for later projects. All four corners have the same motif, so it was a good buy for sixty-nine cents!

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