paintings: grosbeak, bunting

Two sweet little bird paintings, up in my Etsy shop. I do think these look terrific hung as a grouping, and these bright colored birds are a lovely remembrance of summer. Available here and here. Does summer feel like it’s coming to a close? The heat is becoming bearable, the cucumbers have stopped producing–and onlyContinue reading “paintings: grosbeak, bunting”

painting: still life with tulips and lemons

I was interested in the deep shadows cast over the bowl of citrus fruit. Several of the fruit recede out of view, while the tulips pop forward with their fiery brightness. The composition is balanced in a way I found perfect. I painted from a reference photo graciously shared by Hong-Trang Nguyen. 11″x14″ oil onContinue reading “painting: still life with tulips and lemons”

paintings: a yellow rose

From my garden. I think this rose is called Moonlight Romantica. It’s the plant’s first year in the ground, so I’ve seen only a handful of blooms. Is your garden blooming profusely? Mine is not. I think I need a LOT more soil amendments before I’ll see much happening. I’m glad that we get rainContinue reading “paintings: a yellow rose”

paintings: lemons, a chickadee, and more tulips

When I saw the reference photo (shared by Mary Beth Harrison) for these lemons, I was impressed by the vividness of the colors. The deep shadows play so well against the yellow, and the overall simplicity of the shapes is calming. I love it. 9″x12″ oil on cradled wood board, available here. SOLD, thank you!Continue reading “paintings: lemons, a chickadee, and more tulips”