sorry so long without posting

I think I must be feeling a little bit of the blog blahs. We all go through that, right? Nothing much of interest to report, no interesting new recipes, projects only half-finished, and the day to day stuff just doesn’t seem so important. So I was reflecting on my now long-standing repeating dream. It mustContinue reading “sorry so long without posting”

reading: Babar the King

We got to the end of Babar the King (1935), by Laurent De Brunhoff, and the sentiments on the final pages surprised me. Let’s look at the pages. Just in case the legend beneath each nasty is too small to be seen, each monster is: Fear, Indolence, Misfortune, Anger, Stupidity, Sickness, Discourtesy, Anger, Cowardice, andContinue reading “reading: Babar the King”

window shopping on the web

I try to tell you when there is a good sale at J Peterman, but today I’m just highlighting some dresses I’m wishing about. Not on sale. Fingers crossed they come on sale in my size! The first one, at $124, is pretty close to affordable while still not being on sale. (Remember to useContinue reading “window shopping on the web”

not speechless but stupefied

I haven’t udpated with my usual around-home stuff because it all just seems so trivial after the earthquake. Not just trivial, but inane and unimportant as well. So a bit of radio silence for a few days to take it all in. Everyone knows my sister lives in Japan, right? Her family is fine, everyoneContinue reading “not speechless but stupefied”

a glimpse of time gone by

Here’s a collection of Old West photographs published in the Daily Mail. What strikes me about the people is how clean all of them look, even the gold-panners with their months-old beards. Their clothes look crisp in a clean way, not crisp in a standing-up-by-its-own-filth way. When you had nothing but respectability to hang onContinue reading “a glimpse of time gone by”

crafty: stenciling

I admit I have always thought of stenciling as being a sort of poor-man cheat, but realistically not every art job needs to be heirloom-worthy and sometimes time/money/ability calls for a little cheating. For instance, daughter wants her room decorated in Disney Princess theme, and I just can’t see investing actual time into elaborately decoratingContinue reading “crafty: stenciling”