Wade figurines in the Red Rose tea

Do you collect those little figurines in the Red Rose tea boxes? I do. The tea makes decent iced tea, and you can’t beat the price. I wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t have the figurine in the box, though. The “prize” in the carton for adults. They’ve released a new series, called American Heritage.Continue reading “Wade figurines in the Red Rose tea”

Family Circle, 1970: the fashion

I finish off the 1970 issue of Family Circle with the fashion. Particularly because of this ad. It makes me think of the men of Mad Men sitting around the table with the Simplicity patterns bigwigs, palavering over the ad campaign. The Simplicity men say, “I don’t know. What are we selling? Is that oneContinue reading “Family Circle, 1970: the fashion”

Family Circle, 1970: home tour

We look around the restored home of Olive and Richard Brose. “Says Richard: ‘We lived on the porch while we stripped the inside bare.’” And, “One of the masons even discovered a handsome fieldstone fireplace hidden behind a brick facade in the living room. When linoleum was ripped from the floors, lo and behold! lovelyContinue reading “Family Circle, 1970: home tour”

Family Circle, 1970: the crafts

Talk about coming full circle, these are exactly the types of designs I see in craft blogland today. Slight changes to the color aesthetics, but the underlying design? Exactly the same. Weird quilt shapes as needlepoint? Absolutely. What floors me is the suggestion to needlepoint 8 of these squares and sew them together and useContinue reading “Family Circle, 1970: the crafts”

Heads up in your holiday shopping

Here is this year’s post about buying direct from the designer via etsy, rather than the mass-produced rip off items you’ll find sold in major department stores. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3020194/how-a-company-gets-away-with-stealing-independent-designers-work One of the designers whose work was copied said she has a record of selling an item to the mass-producer directly, by name and address! Sheesh. WhenContinue reading “Heads up in your holiday shopping”