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Can you believe it’s supposed to snow again? The last stuff never really went away. Worst winter ever. All the days feel like this.



So I’ve been pulling out my pretty fabric and sewing happy things.



I have a new philosophy about “saving” my favorite fabrics: Go ahead and use them up! Now that there’s this thing called the internet, it is way easy to find more favorites–no more being limited by what the local store has. Go ahead and turn those beautiful fabrics into something that makes you happy, because there will never be a better day to do it.



I went to Target and found this beautiful rolling pin. The body of it is ceramic. It was in the $1 section as you come in the door (it was really $5) and I’m sure as soon as Valentine’s is over you will never see it for sale again. Go quickly to find it!


Snow or no snow, stay positive! I’ve seen robins in the yard, and geese flying north, so it’s got to be just about over, right?


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Do you collect those little figurines in the Red Rose tea boxes? I do. The tea makes decent iced tea, and you can’t beat the price. I wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t have the figurine in the box, though. The “prize” in the carton for adults.

They’ve released a new series, called American Heritage. My first “prize” in the box was a little White House. I’m so glad I got it–I bet it ends up being the hardest one to find.screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-8-11-54-pm

(image from the Red Rose Tea website.)

But then I visit the website and see you can buy past releases. D’oh! There’s two from the Calendar Year series I don’t have — the Christmas tree and the Easter bunny. Wouldn’t those be the two you really want? But they’re sold out of those ones, so I’ll have to look at antique stores and flea markets.

I’m excited to collect the new series. I’ll be buying a lot of tea. 🙂 I’ll bet I end up with 5 of the Tea Box figurines — which to me is the least-exciting figurine. I understand *Why* it’s part of American Heritage, but I don’t know, a bald eagle would make a better figurine.

I’m glad they have a new collection. I was getting pretty tired of opening a box and finding a Mariner’s Hat in the Nautical collection. You just don’t need more than one Mariner’s Hat figurine.  And I only ever got 1 mermaid. Could have used another mermaid.




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Did you watch the final episode of season 2 of Hannibal? Wasn’t that the most multi-layered story telling we’ve seen since…oh, I guess Twin Peaks, but not crazy? Anyway, I gush and that’s not my point.

My point is this: You never know where life is going to take you, so don’t give up.

Take Lawrence Fishburne. I’m sure he’s forever Morpheus in most of our hearts, but he also plays an awesome Jack Crawford in Hannibal.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.03.14 AM

Such a commanding presence. A department head at the FBI. What a plum role for an actor, especially as dramatic and heart-wrenching as we know scenes following the aftermath of Hannibal’s hobby will be.

Imagine if Larry Fishburne, as he was billed back in 1986, could imagine his acting future. Back in 1986 when he was playing Cowboy Curtis, the singing cowboy. Wow.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.04.34 AM

You might not be happy with today, but you have NO IDEA where you’ll be in 25 years. Things could be looking pretty doggone good then!

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it’s about time

That was my first thought when I read my fortune.


But then the next day I was thinking, “Wait. It doesn’t say ‘good things’ are coming your way. Harumph.

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Family Circle, 1970: the fashion

I finish off the 1970 issue of Family Circle with the fashion. Particularly because of this ad. It makes me think of the men of Mad Men sitting around the table with the Simplicity patterns bigwigs, palavering over the ad campaign.


The Simplicity men say, “I don’t know. What are we selling? Is that one of our patterns? I don’t think that’s one of our patterns. Why would we have an ad showing a dress that is NOT one of our patterns?”

Because that is what they should have done. There is no pattern number. But maybe it is one of their patterns? Let’s look at the print part of the ad:

    “If you want to look different these days you have a choice.
    #1. You can look ridiculous.
    #2. You can look like you came off an assembly line.
    Well, we think the secret to looking different is really looking like yourself. Because that never goes out of style. And that brings us to #3, the perfect answer. A Simplicity pattern.”

I still do not know if that shoe lace dress was a real pattern. Or an example of looking ridiculous. I’m stymied.

We move on to this hair spray advertisement. Nothing at all has changed in hair spray in 44 years!


You know the sauna belt must not have worked, or else they’d be worth millions now.


These last two I show as examples as how the photography itself hasn’t evolved. Maybe all that can be done with photography has been done? I’m not complaining, just interested that these are the same layouts used today.


And that completes our journey back to 1970. See also, here, here, here, and here.

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Family Circle, 1970: home tour

We look around the restored home of Olive and Richard Brose. “Says Richard: ‘We lived on the porch while we stripped the inside bare.'” And, “One of the masons even discovered a handsome fieldstone fireplace hidden behind a brick facade in the living room. When linoleum was ripped from the floors, lo and behold! lovely tulipwood boards lay beneath.”


Who wouldn’t love to move into this home today? Those timber beams? Hello? Me!


Man, they’ve done the restoration, and I’m sure in the 40+ years since these photos some lucky person has changed the color scheme. (You can never go wrong with white. Just saying.)


Look at that lovely hooked bird rug! The latticed cabinets, not so much.

And then a look at the owners who raise sheep. And Olive spins! Swoon!


The more things change, the more they stay the same, am I right?

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Talk about coming full circle, these are exactly the types of designs I see in craft blogland today. Slight changes to the color aesthetics, but the underlying design? Exactly the same.


Weird quilt shapes as needlepoint? Absolutely. What floors me is the suggestion to needlepoint 8 of these squares and sew them together and use them as an area rug. Hundreds of hours to needlepoint, just to let the family TROMP over it? I bet it never happened.


Folksy design like these embroideries are back in style, big time. I’d make 4 out of those 6 designs in a heartbeat!


The techniques used for these wall hangings I see all over the place, too. Colors different, but yeah, I can see these hanging on today’s walls.

And be still my heart:


These are very “modern” applique design. Am I right? Oh, and take another look at that wonky sugar bowl! I can’t decide whether I like it, or it’s hideous…maybe a little of both?

Lastly, the quilt you “quilt” square by square. Nope, no directions on how to actually do it, you had to mail away for instructions. Look at that collection of clocks hanging on the wall. Can’t you see today’s designers suggesting, “Group clocks together for a satisfying assemblage piece.” And that bed frame? Helloooo, Sergeant Pepper! The lightbulb shape on the side table I have to guess is actually a lamp? No, that will probably not be making a comeback!


All of these projects you had to write away for instructions, there’s a coupon on one of the last pages. I wonder if I mailed it in if I’d receive anything back? Some clerk, puzzled, shrugs and goes to look in the old file cabinets under #17655, and actually finds something? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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