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I forgot to link to the pattern I used to make my shawl. It’s this one. Remember I went to the knit shop and picked out the pattern because I saw a finished example on the wall. When I went to buy the pattern, the shop owner logged on to Ravelry for me and downloaded the pattern right there and printed it for me. A link to the pattern was sent to my email address, too, in case I needed a re-print.

So what I didn’t realize when I looked at it on the wall, is that the finished shawl is pretty small. I would call it a scarf more than a shawl. You can see that if you look at Ravelry page and the other images of finished products being posed.

But I’m glad I did it and I’m glad it’s finished because now I can work on something else. 😀

I took a photo of the reverse side, darn it. How did I not notice when taking the photo? You can see the pretty color gradations in the yarn, though.


Here’s an example of the beadwork. Yay, I now know how to add beads to knitting.


I ran out of beads about 20 beads from the end, so I had to adjust my placement to hide the fact. Isn’t that life?


So it’s a child-sized shawl, or an adult sized scarf. Frankly this was waaaaay too much work for a scarf! It took me 3 weeks of evenings, and that’s just too much time. And probably some weekend afternoons in there, too! The shawl is showing the reverse side in this photo, too, drat. It really is pretty lacework on the front side. You can see that in close ups above.



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MSPT: fingerless mitts

MSPT is my new personal slogan. I’ve been looking for a pretty chalkboard, or a pretty frame I can turn into a chalkboard, but no luck so far. Make Something Pretty Today. That’s my new slogan. There’s always an hour left at the end of the day, right? Or in the morning, instead of reading all the internet news. Make Something Pretty.

My alternate slogan is Make Something Better. Take a thrifted item and turn it into something a little nicer than what it was.

Can’t be too hard, right? The project doesn’t need to be finished every day, just put some time into getting it done.

I’ve been working on fingerless mitts. These took about 2 hours per each to knit.


I used needles about half the size of the gauge recommended, but they still fit. I don’t have packs of double-pointed needles in every size, I have to guess!


It’s amazing how much warmer keeping the bits covered that get left out makes you feel. I’ve been wearing them, and I love them. I don’t have a pattern to refer you to, these were from a knitting calendar Lori gave me last Christmas. It’s taken me all year to get around to starting on the projects, there’s about 10 more I want to knit.

Did you MSPT?


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