making something pretty today: knitting

I always have a million projects up in the air, but the good thing is that I actually finish them, right? So I don’t feel bad starting a new one. I’ve known lots of people who start things but never finish, then move on to something else. What’s the point of starting in the firstContinue reading “making something pretty today: knitting”

make something pretty: fall fox bunting

I haven’t had a Make Something Pretty Today post in a long time. I just don’t have time to sew anymore. I had the pieces for this bunting all cut out, and then sitting for a while. I wanted to have it displayed for fall, though, so took a Saturday morning to finish it up. TheseContinue reading “make something pretty: fall fox bunting”

mspt: more potholders

I think I’ve blown through my potholder enthusiasm, but at least have finished about 10. Here’s the latest. Isn’t the main fabric pretty? It’s printed in Japan, and if I remember right, by a company named Pretty Poodle. Or else that is the design name, which makes no sense since it’s flowers, but coming fromContinue reading “mspt: more potholders”

MSPT: finished full-sized towel

As I was finishing up this bath towel, I realized what I had done wrong. Both the towel and the fabric should have been washed and pre-shrunk in the drier a couple of times before I sewed them together. D’oh! Now they will shrink at separate rates, and there will be puckering. Oh, well. IContinue reading “MSPT: finished full-sized towel”

MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts

MSPT= make something pretty today My friend could use a pair of these mitts, and there was just enough yarn to finish a pair. The wool was dk weight and had 218 yards if I remember right. I cast on an additional 8 stitches to these to make the size larger than the last pairContinue reading “MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts”

MSPT: Santa table runner

This fabric was purchased last Christmas, and I wish I could tell you the manufacturer so you could find your own, but it’s not printed on the fabric. The edges came already bound, and you just bought a length of however much you wanted. I love the vintage looking Santa! Since I had to bindContinue reading “MSPT: Santa table runner”

MSPT: embellished bath towel

I knew I wanted to pretty-up some guest bath towels and kept it in mind for a while, and when I saw this fabric I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. If you search etsy for “tanya whelan valentine fabric” you’ll come up with someone selling this fabric. This project seriously tookContinue reading “MSPT: embellished bath towel”