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I am going to set up in another local show next month, and am working on some bigger paintings for it. I painted this moose this week, and while I listed it on etsy this morning, I would rather it hang around long enough for the show. I can always paint something else if it sells, of course, so I listed it.

Although now that I think about it, at the last show almost everyone had sort of a, “hum…they’re all so…bright…” attitude that maybe I should paint a few drab paintings and be better prepared?

I joke.

Right now I hung up this horse painting in our living room (it’s nice to be able to rotate art through) because there’s just something pleasing in the colors. This is still Dee’s horses and I must have taken the photos almost 3 years ago, but I never used this one because I couldn’t decide whether a rear-view was good or bad. So I tried to emphasize the lines of colors, which just happen to represent horses, and hoped the colors carried it. I like it, anyway. I’ll list it on ebay this week.
a horse's what?


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