1-day-project: Knitted Cloche Hat

See? I told you this hat pattern would knit up great as a cloche. It’s the same pattern as the tam, except I knit the first 5 inches on #10 needles, switched to #9 needles for the next 2 inches, and then decreased for the top as the directions specified. It needs a little flowerContinue reading “1-day-project: Knitted Cloche Hat”

I did finish knitting the shawl

This shawl is super huge, it’s 20 inches wide and the length goes from my wrist to wrist, not counting the fringe. I don’t know if it’s the 80 inches long the pattern suggested, but it’s plenty long enough. And took only 2 and a half skeins, not the FOUR skeins the pattern listed. It’sContinue reading “I did finish knitting the shawl”

do only old ladies wear shawls?

Since the seasons are turning and the evening are cooler, I’m inspired to make a new shawl for fall. I searched online for an appropriate pattern, and fell in love with this one at knitty.com. But let’s be reasonable, that lacework is going to take me until next spring to finish. All that counting, beingContinue reading “do only old ladies wear shawls?”