1-day project: scarfette

I haven’t stopped working on projects, but some of them are Christmas presents, so no sense giving away the surprise in advance! This scarf will probably end up with me, and it definitely a one-day project if you have 5 hours. I timed myself. I used Lion brand Suede yarn, and it took one skein.Continue reading “1-day project: scarfette”

crafty: planning future projects

I just stumbled on my copy of Nicky Epstein’s Knitted Flowers and realized I had never knitted any of the projects, though I had planned to and still intend to follow up. I love this shawl project and wish I could wear it, but this kind of thing really belongs on someone like my bossContinue reading “crafty: planning future projects”

thinking about knitting

I am searching online for free patterns for childrens socks (if you know of any please let me know!) and saw the beautiful cover project this month at knitty.com. I am using their pretty photo. I can sure see making this one sometime this year! Using maybe a slightly lighter yarn with more movement…. AsContinue reading “thinking about knitting”

1-day-projects: knit hat

I’ve been making hats in advance of Christmas, even though everyone I ask says no more hats are needed. I thrifted some lovely wool yarn that’s just enough for a hat, so I’m making hats regardless. The pattern is from knittingdaily.com. You have to sign up for their newsletter before they’ll let you see theirContinue reading “1-day-projects: knit hat”

1-Day-Project: Felted Knit Handbag

I did the knitting part in one day, about 6-7 hours, threw it once in the hot washer to felt, and then sewed up the pieces the next day. You could do it all in one day if you really had time. Yarn: 1 ball Pattons wool, found at Joann’s. 223 yards. Needles: Size eleven,Continue reading “1-Day-Project: Felted Knit Handbag”