time for knitting

Just in case it seems like I haven’t been doing anything other than painting, here’s some photo of the gloves I’ve been knitting for next Christmas. I started with 44 stitches, ribbing knit two purl two, and put in two eight-stitch cables. Pretty easy to remember, as long as I remember, “Did I twirl theContinue reading “time for knitting”

MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts

MSPT= make something pretty today My friend could use a pair of these mitts, and there was just enough yarn to finish a pair. The wool was dk weight and had 218 yards if I remember right. I cast on an additional 8 stitches to these to make the size larger than the last pairContinue reading “MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts”

keeping busy

Did everyone have a good holiday? I sure hope so. Weather here was uneventful, and today at 42-degrees it’s darn-right pleasant. The family caught a cold, of course (everything can’t be perfectly perfect, right?), so that’s still sort of in full swing, or at least, not to the getting-better stage. But otherwise, a very niceContinue reading “keeping busy”