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I think we can safely say spring has begun, and we’ll be closing in on summer soon. I wish I hadn’t been sick and had updated the last couple weeks because now everything is suddenly in bloom.

Well, not the apricot tree. It’s was planted last spring, and no blossoms this year. All of the sudden, the branches are really taking off, though.

The dogwood was also planted last year, and no blossoms this year. I was thinking it was taking a loooong time to bloom, until I noticed others around town were in full color and realized it wasn’t going to happen this year. The radio gardening show mentioned we shouldn’t put tomatoes in the ground until the dogwoods bloom, so I was waiting and waiting and waiting.

The lilacs are probably halfway to finished. One good sized bunch can be smelled throughout the house.

This is a French Lace hydrangea. Been in the ground 6 years. Every winter it dies back to the ground and has to start over from scratch. I covered it with hay this year, and maybe it helped a little but I don’t think so.

This is an Annabelle hydrangea. I planted it at the end of last summer. Doesn’t it look like it’s going gangbusters already? It’s supposed to be prolific and healthy, I wish I’d bought more of these instead.

This pear tree has been in the ground 6 years, too. Last year it produced 4 pears. I’m pretty sure at the beginning of spring it had numerous little pears like in this photo, but they all dropped off as summer progressed. Any ideas why? I’d like to fix whatever it is. I asked at a nursery and they didn’t have any ideas. I put in 2 more pear trees, just in case it needed better or different pollination.


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I think we can say spring is finally here. The daffodils have bloomed, and some of the early tulips.

The apricot tree. A little bit of budding! And oh-oh, see those bits of sap? A little bell rings and tells me something is already attacking the tree, and that’s it’s defense mechanism. Any ideas?

The lilac tree.

The dogwood tree.

I think this is a red bartlett pear tree. I don’t quite remember, and won’t know until I see fruit. This would be it’s first year to produce fruit. The Summer Crisp pear tree is 6 years old, and has produced 4 pears, ever. The nursery said it’s a popular tree in the midwest because it blossoms early and produces a lot of fruit. What this really means, on the west coast, is that it blooms BEFORE all the other pear trees do so there’s nothing around to pollinate it. This year winter was mild and all the pear trees are about at the same point and maybe will have flowers at the same time, fingers crossed.

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Spring is finally showing its colors. A little purple, a lot of green. Neighbor’s ornamental cherry trees are blooming, and I see a yellow flowered bush when I’m out driving. My flowering currant bush should look like that, but zero blossoms yet.

The apricot tree. Do those buds look just an eensy bit larger?

The lilac bush. Fingers crossed no more frost or snow! (Did I say it snowed Wednesday night. Sheesh.)

The dogwood tree. Yawn.

The climbing roses are bursting out, but the cutting roses are much slower.

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Nights are still close to freezing, and the days are in the 50s. A little rain should help things get going.

The apricot tree

The lilac bush is bursting forth

the dogwood tree is still not doing much

the peonies next to the house are doing much better than the ones farther away

and the hyacinth is proving it is spring

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This week the lilac bush is showing some progress, those buds are starting to fill out, but I thought the dogwood tree would be the earliest bloomer and it’s still not doing much.

The apricot tree

The lilac bush

The dogwood tree

It’s been down in the 30s at night, high 50-60s during the day. We had a little rain last night, the first rain in a long time, so maybe things will start greening up soon.

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A continuation of my photo journal chronicalling the week to week changes in my garden. Click the journey-to-spring tag at the bottom to see all entries.

the apricot tree

the dogwood tree

the lilac bush

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Our garden this morning. An unexpectedly photogenic day.

The lilac bush.

The apricot tree.

The dogwood tree.

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