sewing: Christmassy napkins

I spotted this red ticking fabric and thought it looked Christmassy. But still pretty useful year round, you know? So I bought a couple yards, and first off made some holiday napkins. They don’t last all that long, and it’s nice to add new colors into the rotation. I noticed that the fabric edge saidContinue reading “sewing: Christmassy napkins”

crafty: drawing journals

I linked to the info on these drawing cases a while back (I bet you can find it under the one-day-projects tag), and now that we are so close to the holidays I find I have made two too many.  Yep, after handing them out to everybody I possibly can, I still have two left over.Continue reading “crafty: drawing journals”

craft roundup (or things I would like to make before Christmas)

I know a list of links without accompany pictures is pretty blah, but hey, maybe my brief description will make you curious enough to go see. I’m too lazy to figure out the addresses to the pictures, but trust me, all these things would be great gifts for me you to make. This is alsoContinue reading “craft roundup (or things I would like to make before Christmas)”