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at the pumpkin patch

The school goes to the pumpkin patch every year. Having to travel only about 2 miles probably makes this pretty easy. The day was a little rainy, but while we were there the weather was pretty nice.



Of course you have to pick the biggest pumpkin you can possibly carry. Sometimes it takes a little help.




Woo hoo!



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sewing: Christmassy napkins

I spotted this red ticking fabric and thought it looked Christmassy. But still pretty useful year round, you know? So I bought a couple yards, and first off made some holiday napkins. They don’t last all that long, and it’s nice to add new colors into the rotation.


I noticed that the fabric edge said the design was copyrighted. Can you copyright a design that’s been in production for at least 150 years? I wonder.

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Once again, I was trying to figure out how to force paper whites in time for Christmas. How long does it take? Seven weeks. I’d say the bulbs planted in dirt grew slightly more vigorous than the ones in water, but not enough to matter.







So at the end of seven weeks, two full blooms, one about to bloom, and two duds. I’ll mark my calendar seven weeks in advance of Christmas for next year!

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Happy Independence Day!






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Happy July 4th!

Our country may be having some problems right now, but I cannot imagine a better place or time to be alive. Happy Independence Day everyone and eat lots of cherry pie (and have some for breakfast tomorrow!)!

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I linked to the info on these drawing cases a while back (I bet you can find it under the one-day-projects tag), and now that we are so close to the holidays I find I have made two too many.  Yep, after handing them out to everybody I possibly can, I still have two left over. So I asked Ellen at thelongthread.com for permission to sell them in my etsy shop, and she graciously agreed. She has instructions at her site for sewing these, and it is her design.

This one has old fashioned airplanes. The other one, none of the photos worked, drat!, is a modern rabbit print. Both will be in my etsy shop Monday morning (well, I guess I need time to take more photos. THIS one will be in my etsy shop Monday!).
drawing case inside

Each comes already stocked with Prismacolor colored pencils, these are artist-quality pencils and not cheapo kid-quality. As a child I was always so disappointed with the art I made, and largely it was because the materials were so poor–but as a kid you don’t realize that, for example, no matter how much water you add to red it will NEVER become bright pink. And that lousy colored pencils that leave behind only faint color will NEVER create vibrant drawings.

So whether you are an aspiring artist and purchase this for your purse or backpack (seriously, you can always use a daily-use sketchpad, right? I mean, you can’t capture ALL your life on cameraphone, right? How will you leave that to your grandchildren???), or if as a gift for a child you know, you can be assured of quality products. The notebook is a Moleskine, and I can point you to a web source for inexpensive replacements when you have filled this one! Thank you dickblick.com!

Perfect for killing time in the car, on the bus, or while watching the kids play at the park. There’s always time to capture life in a sketchbook!

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crafts for Christmas

I am doing my best to have a bunch of hostess-gift type items on hand to give out to people who show up at the door with cookies. My favorite little gift for this year is cloth dinner napkins. Well, they are sized more like lunch napkins. I get 6 out of a yard of fabric, doing the math to make them come out square.

Challenge #1: a yard of fabric must cost $3 or less.
Challenge #2: I must be envious of the finished product and wish I could keep it for myself.

For $3, challenge #2 is more difficult than you would think. I have been buying fabric on ebay, and off the flat-fold table at Craft World. This means quilt-weight cottons, and not discount store cottons.

I love that goldfinch fabric, don’t you? And I wish I could keep it! That should be sewn into napkins sometime today.

And this lemon fabric? I just love it! It has the whole 1930s or 1940s fruit-crate vibe going on, and it’s just beautiful. I can’t bear to cut it into napkins, not when I am collecting fruit and vegetable fabrics to make a picnic quilt. I did buy it for napkins, but I just can’t do it. Not if I’m not allowed to keep them for myself. I need to ask the ebay seller if she has any more. . . .

One of the things I realized about napkins, is that you use them when something is messy. Spaghetti, barbecue sauce–something that STAINS. Unspoken Challenge #3 is to find fabrics that will hide stains. Which is why I picked the brown leaves above, particularly.

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