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I have a few more paintings going up on Etsy this week, just in time for the Black Friday sale which starts…drumroll…on Friday. 😀 I’ll have my listings 10% off, including the pieces already on sale.


Alpine goat, oil on stretched canvas, 12″x12″x7/8″, available in my Etsy shop.


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12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas.

Available here.


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11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas.


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11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here. Sold, Thank you.


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The natural coloring on this goat I find the most versatile for interpreting into paint colors. Brown can be so many things other than brown. I find black and white the most difficult to transpose into another color–is it just me or everyone?


10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

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This goat was from the fair last year, even though I have got a boatload of terrific new faces from THIS year’s fair. Why let a sweet expression go to waste? I love getting my camera home and finding I’ve captured a smile at just the right moment.


10″x10″ oil on stretched extra-deep canvas.

Available in my etsy shop. 🙂

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I wanted to paint really bright and happy, and show off all the colors.

She’s in my etsy shop now.

11″x14″ oil on stretched canvas.

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