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I’ve been sewing lunch bags. I used Ayumi’s free pattern available on her blog. She kindly put up a tutorial for everyone to use, but asks that the finished goods not be sold. So since I felt like sewing a whole bunch because they are fun to make, I thought I’d give some as gifts and put up 2 (two) TWO for a giveaway.

This folklore-feeling one I have already given as a gift. I love the fabric, it’s Handmade by Bonnie and Camille. So it’s not part of the giveaway, but isn’t it lovely?


Luckily I kept on sewing.

And sewing.

And sewing.

I’m using the blue one with roses for myself, so it’s not part of the giveaway, either. But isn’t it pretty?


Everything else is up for grabs.

Like this beauty. The fabric is also Handmade by Bonnie and Camille. I love this fabric line.


And this fun cowboy themed lunch bag could be yours. Leave a comment, maybe it will happen.


Or maybe you need to carry your bento box to work? I have the perfect lunch bag for that, too….


Or come Christmas time, this one will be so perfect. (I forgot to sew the drawstring closure on this one, but it will be completed if you win it!)


I love romantic roses (I’m sure you do, too), and these are a lovely fabric designed by Tanya Whelan. I love all her fabric.



Okay, so the rules are easy. Just leave a comment in THIS blog post, and May28th at 8PM Eastern time I will put all the commenter’s names into a lunch bag (instead of a hat!) and pick two winners. Let me know which one you’d like to win. My giveaway is available to US addresses only, because shipping to foreign countries is crazy expensive. I’m sorry about that. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you DO win.  🙂

Giveaway is now closed!

The winners are Sandy and Beverly. Thank you all for leaving a comment!  🙂




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doing a happy dance

One of my customers remembered I like to embroider things, and thought of me when she spotted these embroidery patterns at a garage sale. Thank you, Beverly!


I totally looked for one of those animated gifs of snoopy doing his happy dance, because that is how I feel (I did not find the right one).

Imagine thinking of me and taking the time to do this? How awesome is that?

And because I need to share some of that love, I will give away 5 patterns to two people who comment in this post. All the patterns are suitable for tea towels, and not for bed linens. You will for sure receive one Sunbonnet Sue days-of-the-week pattern, because there are a lot of Sun Bonnet Sues in this box.


I am so moving those animated kitchen utensils to the top of my to-do list! How cute are those?



So tell me about what you like to embroider, and you’ll be put in the drawing, which closes November 30 at 5p.m. Pacific time. Now CLOSED! Only three entries? Heck, every one is a winner!

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I won a book giveaway on a blog (yay for me!) and the publisher made a mistake when mailing me my win. Instead of the correct book, I received this one instead. I’ve been given permission to give it away in turn, so here’s your chance to win a copy of, Storyland Cross Stitch.


Isn’t that cover perfect? Magical, and inspiring, and makes you want to buy the book!

My camera shows some glare off the pages (thank you, flash bulb), so be advised the pages look a lot better in person.

The projects are straightforward and I think even the most difficult is still very do-able by a beginner. Here’s a few snapshots of my favorite projects.

The sweet fox head. Think of any number of things you could decorate with this guy….


And this pouch with the big bad wolf? Awesome!


Can you tell the projects have in mind the current aesthetic? Think of popular subjects on etsy, and sold at Anthropologie.



Daughter would love to have this cat mask. The black part is felt, only the details are cross stitched. So it is a fairly simple project!


I’ve seen owls enjoying a vogue, lately. This pillow is large, but an entirely achievable project.


If you would like a chance to win a copy of Storyland Cross Stitch, just leave a comment in this blog post, and

    I will pick a winner August 5, at 5p.m. Pacific time



I think this book would make a wonderful gift for a young adult interested in needle arts. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the book includes a starter-kit of floss and Aida cloth so someone can get to work on a little something right away!

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sharing about shoes

This is the first time I have heard of American Duchess shoes, but I have to say that just looking over the website that the shoes are very reasonably priced for period reproductions. If you follow shoes at all (and who doesn’t?), quality reproductions can run two or three times this price.


The wonderful thing about period shoes is that they never go out of style — it’s been so long since they’ve been “in” that you can keep on wearing them for the next 10 years and not worry about looking dated.

I love the 1920s shoes offered, as well as the Edwardian. I can see either working well with a trumpet skirt, or any dress even mildly 1930s.

This blog post is because there is a give-away for a pair of shoes, and what the heck, I’m willing to advertise for her even though I haven’t bought a pair of shoes yet. I’m pretty sure even if I don’t win that I will have a new pair of shoes within the next month! Stay tuned!

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Since I like to read books that have been made into movies, my dad is on the lookout when garage-saleing and picks up ones I haven’t heard of, usually. Green Dolphin Street, by Elizabeth Goudge, was made into a movie starring Donna Reed and Van Heflin, and while I haven’t seen it the casting is perfect and I would love to watch it except it might not be as good as the book. And then I would be disappointed.

Green Dolphin Street is the home street of two sisters on an island outside of France, and their adventures begin with a sailing ship pulling into port, the vessel named the Green Dolphin.

The book covers sixty years or so, with both their home on Green Dolphin Street and the sailing ship haunting them throughout their lives. The what-wases, and could-have-beens, and the final resolution to accept the present.

Both sisters fall in love with the same young man, who joins the Navy and sails off to China (this is the 1830s) but through inadvertent clumsiness misses the boat when it departs and thereby loses his ability to return to France as he would be deemed a deserter. Instead he stows away on (coincidentally) the Green Dolphin and sails to New Zealand to begin a new life as a lumberman. Once he has his business established, he writes to the father of the two girls asking for the hand of one in marriage—except he writes down the name of the wrong girl. When she sails to be with him and he sees her coming down the plank he of course realizes his mistake and has a split second to make his choice—and he chooses to marry her anyway, rather than have her risk humiliation upon her return home.

This is one of the best love stories I have ever read, period. It’s set mostly in 1800’s New Zealand at the time when the Maoris were still warlike and fighting the settlers for control of the land. Here is an excerpt from page 330, after the family has been taken hostage by the Maoris and held captive in a fenced village (the Maoris built tall fences to protect their villages from other Maoris), and the only way to escape is they have been given red paint made from rancid shark oil, which they must cover their naked bodies with, and wrap a few rags around the important bits, and then pretend to be the Maori’s version of “the untouchables” who are shunned but take care of the dead. So thusly covered in rags and rancid paint, they run from the village:

    “Run!” commanded William, leaping to his feet and leading the way, with Veronique in his arms.
    They were not far from the opening in the first fence and it was a short run, but even so, Marianne was to repeat it in her nightmares for the rest of her life. The shrieks and curses seemed like a suffocating evil smoke through which one had to fight one’s way out of this terrible chimney. Stones whizzed in the air, and once a spearpoint pricked her body. Bent low to the ground to avoid the stones, she fixed her eyes upon William’s back and ran. She could hear Nat stumbling and panting behind her. She saw William leap the first ditch with Veronique. There were three ditches. Could she possibly jump them? Could Nat, old as he was, with his wounded leg not yet healed? Yet before she realized it, her desperation had carried her across the first ditch with ease, and then the second. At the third leap she missed hr footing and would have fallen, but William swung round and grabbed her wrist and pulled her to safety. Then they were through the opening in the last fence, the peke-rangi, and running down the hill toward the deserted village. Nat had managed the ditches. He was running beside her, grinning at her, looking like a great, red, hairy ape, and the most hideous spectacle she had ever seen. Stones were still whizzing through the air around them, and one grazed her shoulder and cut it, but the dreadful sound of the curses was dying away….Only one Maori was still following them. She could hear his padding bare feet and his insults shouted in the Maori language, that changed quite suddenly to injunctions in English. “Straight on. Through the village and into the forest. Don’t stop till I say.”


I love this book so much that I don’t want to just put it away, and so I am giving it away. Except whoever wins has to actually READ it, and not just enter the give-away because of the thrill of winning something. Please leave a comment and tell me how much you like to read love stories and tell me your favorite book and why. I’ll pick a name June 14.

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a drum-roll please

I opted for the old-fashioned hat-full-of-names for the drawing.

I wrote down everybody, including the couple people who left comments in the wrong post, and the couple who emailed me directly because they couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment. I’ve run into that myself in the past, trying to leave comments on blogs, and I don’t know whether it’s browser related or user error, but I could feel some sympathy for it so noted them down too.

And the winners are…..

For the horse….Andrea Florkowski

For the chickadee…Cindy Landi

Thank you all for leaving comments! I’m sure I’ll be having more giveaways in the future, but I don’t know exactly when….

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In the spirit of the holidays, and as a thank you to everyone who is interested in my paintings, I am giving away two of my paintings. Both are 12×16, done in oils, and would make a great gift for you or a friend. Please leave a comment and let me know which painting you would like to possibly win, and on Dec. 17th I will use the random number generator to pick two winners. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you, or check back on the 17th in the evening and see if it’s you!

I am giving away this sweet chickadee painting–I love the phone, from my own collection of vintage stuff.
call waiting

And two horses who belong to my friend’s neighbor.

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