crafty: drawing books for kids

This summer has been packed full of stuff that is not crafty, sewing, painting, or me sitting-around-reading-a-book related, so I have not had so much to post about. “We went swimming today,” or “we went to the park,” is good only so many times. I have done a tiny bit of sewing though, and amContinue reading “crafty: drawing books for kids”

1-day-projects: apron

I made this apron for a friend who’s getting married. It’s a fairly quick project, but since it fits kind of snug it needs to be measured for the recipient. I measured me, because she’s about the same size (okay, she’s a little thinner! After her first baby, I bet it will fit perfectly!). It’sContinue reading “1-day-projects: apron”

1-day-projects: Making candies

Of course you knew that I couldn’t buy the candy molds and then wait until Christmas to make candy with them. Not when Valentine’s Day is upon us. I used white Ghiradelli chocolate from the baking aisle, and made a filling of creamcheese, confectioners’ sugar, and raspberry juice strained from berries. The filling was aContinue reading “1-day-projects: Making candies”

More jelly making

A friend shared with us some blood oranges her son grows in Florida. They were delicious, and got me thinking about a recipe I saw for blood orange marmalade. I couldn’t find the recipe, of course, so made regular orange marmalade. I used the book on Fine Preserving published in 1969 that I thrifted, forContinue reading “More jelly making”

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

I’ve got my cookie-drop-by gifts ready to go. If you show up this week, you get an orange too, but I can’t guaranty they’ll last more than a few days. I have salsa for the people I know who are off sugar, and raspberry jelly for everybody else. That’s a flower pin on top, goodContinue reading “Are you ready for Christmas yet?”

making Christmas gifts

While I’m blogging, I did want to link to some of the things I’m making for Christmas. I can’t figure out how to make a hidden post, so if you are someone I am likely to give a gift to–don’t follow the links! This first one is a quicky for either a stocking stuffer orContinue reading “making Christmas gifts”