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peonies and roses


I took the photos last week, and the peonies are already done blooming (pretty much). So pretty while they’re here, and nice ground cover for the rest of summer. I am letting almost all of them go to seed this year, to create new plants. The last couple years, I have been poking the seeds into the ground to see if anything comes up, and I have about 5 new plants. These are new ones NOT in the peony bed, which if any are there they are hidden by the more established plants. I found 2 new plants growing in a patch of dirt beside the garbage can, so I can deduce the seeds fell off some stems I was throwing away and just took root. To me, that says they are pretty easy to cultivate!

Here is my little peony bed.


Over time, there are peonies here and there in the garden, but they don’t bloom as well as the ones in the bed. Last fall I dug up and re-set about half the plants that had not produced any blooms, on the theory the plants were too deep and wanted the roots closer to the surface. I think either 50% of the re-seated plants bloomed, or I did not re-seat enough of the plants. (Last summer while the plants were not blooming, I tied twine around the stems so I could identify which ones I needed to re-plant in autumn. Come autumn, there would have been no way otherwise to know which ones weren’t living up to their potential.)

The roses are my summer favorite, particularly the ones with few thorns. I wish the identifying descriptions would say, “matures to produce a cane of solid thorns,” and I would not buy it even though the flower was pretty.

This William Shakespeare rose is a mass of thorns.


Such a lovely flower, though.


The plant blooms only once a year, so I cross it right off my list. Pity I’ve got three of them and they climb to prodidgious lengths (15′). Which is why I purchased it. But I didn’t realize they bloom only once.


This Prairie Star has few thorns, a pleasing blush blossom, and grows to about 4′.


I am so glad summer is here!



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around the garden: roses

You know what finally clicked this year? This kind of rose grows on a spindly stem and has what could be trained into a lollipop top. Like those expensive rose trees you see for sale that look like they belong in Alice’s Wonderland?

Yeah, I could grow these and train them to be that. Two years from now when my cuttings have been trained — look out! What fun to roll the pots around the garden (because they could not be planted in the ground as they would die over the winter, having only one stem the likelihood is almost 100%).

Here is a close up of its flower.

I wish I would have realized this a couple years ago!

Here is a different climbing rose it grows entirely differently. It is spread over about 10 feet now but could never be trained into a lollipop tree. This photo will be more effective when the buds open!

For those interested the first rose is a Westerland and the second is either called Queen Victoria or Queen Anne.

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