food: tandoori chicken and dahl

Hoo baby! Finally a food success! I left out the red food coloring that gives tandoori chicken its instant recognizability, and I don’t think the taste suffered any for it. Perfect chicken! I used this recipe, and after marinating threw de-boned chicken thighs on the barbecue for 20 minutes. I first soaked the chicken overnightContinue reading “food: tandoori chicken and dahl”

making something good better: braised mushrooms

When you go grocery shopping first thing in the morning it is **so** much easier to plan a nice evening meal than when you get to 2p.m. and think, “Now what?” I bought some fresh button mushrooms just for a change, we don’t eat them often, and when I got home I went to theContinue reading “making something good better: braised mushrooms”

why take lemon when you can have lime?

I ran across a recipe for Old-Fashioned Lemon Bars in a magazine (Dec 2000 Victoria), and saw that the base was shortbread and the spread was lemon curd. Ah ha, I thought, I bet lime curd on shortbread would be amazing. It took an extra trip to the store, because the recipe calls for 8Continue reading “why take lemon when you can have lime?”