paintings: a succulent, and a bunting

So peaceful, green and serene. Perfect for someone who does not have a green thumb, but would like to bring inside one’s home the beauty of nature. I painted from a reference photo shared by Vanessa Jackson.  11″x14″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here. Sweet, cheerful, and oh so colorful. I painted from aContinue reading “paintings: a succulent, and a bunting”

paintings: a coneflower, and a warbler

The lacy edges of the flower petals captured my imagination. The blue/green bottle also spelled a challenge. I painted from a reference photo shared by Sandra Hudson. 6″x12″ oil and acrylic on cradled wood board. Available in my Etsy shop. SOLD, thank you! 😀  I love his pose, and his bright coloring. I painted from aContinue reading “paintings: a coneflower, and a warbler”

paintings: a bee, and a boy

 Bright orange and yellow captures all the glory of summertime. 8″x10″ oil on cradled wood board. Available here. Sold, thank you! I painted from a photo shared by Kim Unsweqiis. I loved this moment, the graphic bright red of the pail, and the boy’s feet. I wasn’t sure I could capture bare feet, but I thinkContinue reading “paintings: a bee, and a boy”

paintings: tulips, and horseshoes

11″x14″ oil and acrylic on cradled wood board. This is my current favorite vase. Add a handful of bright tulips, and you have sunny summer all year long. I have painted it before, but the presentation here is a little different. Available here. I captured this moment at a rodeo several years ago, and have paintedContinue reading “paintings: tulips, and horseshoes”

paintings: tulips, and a chickadee

Some of the colors turned out a little different than I usually mix. The light blue on the tulip to the left is just the right shade–vibrant in person. Sometimes a little thing like that makes me so happy with a painting. I painted from a reference photo shared by Cindy Stahl.  12″x12″ oil onContinue reading “paintings: tulips, and a chickadee”

paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee

I’ve been concentrating on working with a loose style. I tend to try to paint too precise (whether or not you can see it) and letting go of “it has to look real” is difficult for me. The blue sky in the above painting looks especially bright, and is not captured well in my photoContinue reading “paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee”

painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life

 I zeroed in on the lovely shoe on this horse because it seemed unusual to me–extra flattened as though long worn. The horse was a draft breed, who appeared used to working. Horseshoes are symbols of good fortune, and I love to paint them! That little hint of tail swoosh brings it all together. IContinue reading “painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life”

Around the garden: Desert Roses

These are not a true rose, and I do not know the latin name, but I remember the little tag called them Desert Rose. They grow terrific without water, and we have some areas the sprinklers don’t catch so these were just the thing to fill in the space. Planted last spring, two 3-inch potsContinue reading “Around the garden: Desert Roses”