paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee

I’ve been concentrating on working with a loose style. I tend to try to paint too precise (whether or not you can see it) and letting go of “it has to look real” is difficult for me. The blue sky in the above painting looks especially bright, and is not captured well in my photoContinue reading “paintings: a hare, waterlilies, and a bee”

painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life

 I zeroed in on the lovely shoe on this horse because it seemed unusual to me–extra flattened as though long worn. The horse was a draft breed, who appeared used to working. Horseshoes are symbols of good fortune, and I love to paint them! That little hint of tail swoosh brings it all together. IContinue reading “painting: a horseshoe, and a daisy still life”

Around the garden: Desert Roses

These are not a true rose, and I do not know the latin name, but I remember the little tag called them Desert Rose. They grow terrific without water, and we have some areas the sprinklers don’t catch so these were just the thing to fill in the space. Planted last spring, two 3-inch potsContinue reading “Around the garden: Desert Roses”

peonies & delphinium

Don’t these peonies pair nicely with the delphinium as a backdrop? The delphinium tower 3 feet above the peonies, and the strong contrast color is striking. Since the peonies bloom only once a year, they needed neighbors who were ever-bloomers. I’ve got a little square area of 9 peony plants in their first year, andContinue reading “peonies & delphinium”