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sharing about shoes

This is the first time I have heard of American Duchess shoes, but I have to say that just looking over the website that the shoes are very reasonably priced for period reproductions. If you follow shoes at all (and who doesn’t?), quality reproductions can run two or three times this price.


The wonderful thing about period shoes is that they never go out of style — it’s been so long since they’ve been “in” that you can keep on wearing them for the next 10 years and not worry about looking dated.

I love the 1920s shoes offered, as well as the Edwardian. I can see either working well with a trumpet skirt, or any dress even mildly 1930s.

This blog post is because there is a give-away for a pair of shoes, and what the heck, I’m willing to advertise for her even though I haven’t bought a pair of shoes yet. I’m pretty sure even if I don’t win that I will have a new pair of shoes within the next month! Stay tuned!


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