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Yes, I did resolve to not buy supplies for new projects. We all knew that was not really going to happen, right?

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about new curtains for the bedroom, and new curtains means new accessories. I already mentioned I had this big over-haul project in mind, and I’ve been web surfing and web surfing and come to the conclusion that while I could save a few bucks by going with fabrics I don’t like quite as much, that I would probably resent my penuriousness in the end, and walk into the room with a frown as I am reminded of my chintziness. Seriously. Because Tanya Whelan has designed the PERFECT fabric. She has got retro exactly right. And how often do you see exactly what you want? Never, that’s how often. So I will just this one time be willing to pay full price and buy what I want. Enough for curtains, a quilt, an apron, maybe some kitchen towel edgings… And you know what? I found her blog, so you can see all her beautiful fabric and read a bit of her musings. I don’t want to swipe her photos, and I don’t know how to link directly to them with this program, so you’ll just have to trust me and go visit her blog and ooh and ahh over such gorgeousness.

And just so we’re clear, I’m talking about the Delilah line of fabric — but they’re all gorgeous. Go take a peek.


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