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I actually bought a great bright pink quilt perfect for Elle, but don’t have a photo. I keep telling myself “no more blankets!” but it had flower applique and was BRIGHT like little girls like (and in perfect shape!) so I said what the heck, it’s only $7. And it’s heavy, too. I’m not a fan of the pillowsham in general, so those might go. Also, it’s a queen size, which makes no sense with the childish design–what little kid has a queen size bed? But okay. $7.

Over in the napkin/placemat bin I pulled out this pretty bit of embroidery. I tried to shake it out, thinking it was a end table cover, but it didn’t shake out so I looked at the embroidery to make sure it was handstitched (yes, it is) and threw it in the cart. Very nice embroidery, tiny tiny stitches. And when I washed it at home, imagine my delight to find it is a pillowcase! The use of changing-color thread for the flowers is the best use/example I’ve seen! The dogwood design is very pretty, too. Hooray for me taking a chance! I bought the little doily to use as a snowflake at Christmas. It’s just the right size.


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Elle and I have been doing the mommy and me swim time at the public pool. On the one hand, she’s terrified and does the full body cling in the water. But on the other hand, she still loves to go and hates to leave. Yesterday we got to use the big twisty water slide together, and of course she loved it. Tomorrow is our last session, but I think I’ll sign us up for more. Summer has finally gotten hot!

Since the class is midday, it interrupts her nap time, and so I’ve been going less painting. It’s also slowed down my thrifting, but I was able to catch up today. You just ever know what you missed if you don’t go.

I picked up this cowboy/western shirt pattern, even though I doubt I’ll ever make it. You never know, and for a quarter it sure can’t hurt to just throw it in the collection. It’s interesting how this style has changed zero in 50 years. Or perhaps it’s come full circle….

And I also picked up a spectacular doily collection. I don’t collect doilies, but these look like handmade lace and some look very old. This first one has the center embroidered with a few roses, but the focus is really the lace. I’m sure it’s hand tatted. The whole thing is as big as a serving platter.
rose doily

This next one I just thought was unusual. How often do you see a square doily?
square doily

And this one has crocheted pansies around the edge. Aren’t those pretty?

This is a collection of small doilies. I saw someone use the very smallest as hanging snowflakes at Christmastime, and thought it looked beautiful. I’d have to collect many more before I could do that, though.

This one just looks old. It has embroidered white roses on the center. It’s about as large as two coasters.

And lastly, this one has fantastic lace.

If you know of any good craft use for these, let me know. I don’t know how to best purpose them, beyond maybe framing.

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