paintings: doggies, and buns (03/16/2016)

  Here’s several more paintings I’ve been asked to paint recently. I love this guy’s little half smile.   I find it difficult to juxtapose enough highlights to make a dark color seem full of life, but look, I did it!   It’s hard to go wrong with bunnies. Bunnies are just so sweet.

paintings: a few requests

Here are several paintings from January. This beautiful girl passed away, and is a present for the owner. I hope she likes it.   This is a gift, too. I think I’ve painted only a handful of King Charles Spaniels.   This one I started out with gray/brown in mind, and then it went theContinue reading “paintings: a few requests”

painting: a mixed breed

This guy looks like a cattle dog mixed with something else. Not sure what. But didn’t he turn out looking great? We’ve been having snow and ice since Christmas. It’s just going on and on. Everyone says it’s the worst winter in 20 years. I hope you all out there are having a better timeContinue reading “painting: a mixed breed”

paintings: two I’ve been working on

I need to show off these two paintings, just to give my pinterest board somewhere to pull from. Do you want to see everything I’ve painted this year? Please visit my 2016 board! This lovely scene is from a customer’s photo. I painted it faithfully, will my own style added. I just love it.  Continue reading “paintings: two I’ve been working on”

paintings: a pygmy goat, a lab, and horse friends (11/18/15)

We had crazy weather yesterday, how about you? Crazy, wild wind. I saw a bent over flag pole. How does that even happen? I mean a 30-foot aluminum flagpole. How could it even catch enough wind to get bent? I’m just glad we didn’t have any damage done around home. I know areas were withoutContinue reading “paintings: a pygmy goat, a lab, and horse friends (11/18/15)”

paintings: a labrador dog, and a nubian goat (11/14/2015)

I am liking the slat frames, and will be using them now and then. I’m still happy seeing paintings unframed, so it will be on and off as I think a painting might actually need one (sometimes to add a touch of complexity to the painting, like the gray horse several posts down. It neededContinue reading “paintings: a labrador dog, and a nubian goat (11/14/2015)”

painting: a Standard Boxer dog (09/21/15)

I finished five paintings last week, which is almost one a day. I am striving to be a one a day painter. This Boxer dog was waiting in line to be in a dog show at the fair. If you’re like me, you think, “Ooh, lots of dogs = lots of good photos,” but itContinue reading “painting: a Standard Boxer dog (09/21/15)”