A few paintings for etsy

Everyone knows I’m taking my December break from ebay sales, right? But I’ll still be listing a few in my etsy shop as time goes on, so keep peeking in! I have just added two horse paintings, a moose, and a Labrador dog painting, here’s some little preview photos. Thanks you, everyone, who has supportedContinue reading “A few paintings for etsy”

I put up a few paintings on etsy

I added some things to my etsy shop. The two Weims and the greyhound are prints. I’ve had requests for prints, and these are the first ones I’m happy enough with to sell. All the other paintings thumbnailed here are originals. This onion one is a personal favorite. I love the little bird, and theContinue reading “I put up a few paintings on etsy”

a little horse painting, and a Papillion

This week I think I was tired (who wouldn’t be, after working on that big one?) and didn’t get so much done, painting-wise. I’ve been thrifting some frames (I am VERY picky!) and this is the first one I’ve used. The size is unusual, so I had to cut a board to fit it, theContinue reading “a little horse painting, and a Papillion”

A Borzoi, a rabbit & a cat for ebay

I have 8 new paintings to list on ebay this Tuesday (Sept 2). The cat is my brother’s tabby, I think Lori took the photo for it. The bunny was relaxing with a friend at the fair, and the Borzoi is one of my 2 remaining Borzoi photos–very hard to come by! If you haveContinue reading “A Borzoi, a rabbit & a cat for ebay”

horses, rabbits, a couple dogs for ebay

I tried to slow down on the horse paintings, and painted only 3 for this week. I’ll do the extras for next time! This week, a big a medium and a small. Next week, a huge one (if I get it done)! All these will be listed in my ebay shop Tuesday, Aug. 19. IContinue reading “horses, rabbits, a couple dogs for ebay”

goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay

Here’s 3 paintings I’ll be putting up on ebay this week, on the 29th. Of July, if you’re looking at this next December! 2008. I was trying to keep up with the rainbow palette in oils. If I stop doing a technique, I immediately forget how to do it. I guess that’s why if youContinue reading “goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay”

Jack Russell, & Horse Paintings for ebay

This horse painting was one of those that as I was working on it I was sort of “is this working right?” about it, but then once I set it aside and let it dry and then brought it out again I loved it. Sometimes it takes that time distance to see clearly, or maybeContinue reading “Jack Russell, & Horse Paintings for ebay”