A Borzoi, a rabbit & a cat for ebay

I have 8 new paintings to list on ebay this Tuesday (Sept 2). The cat is my brother’s tabby, I think Lori took the photo for it. The bunny was relaxing with a friend at the fair, and the Borzoi is one of my 2 remaining Borzoi photos–very hard to come by! If you haveContinue reading “A Borzoi, a rabbit & a cat for ebay”

horses, rabbits, a couple dogs for ebay

I tried to slow down on the horse paintings, and painted only 3 for this week. I’ll do the extras for next time! This week, a big a medium and a small. Next week, a huge one (if I get it done)! All these will be listed in my ebay shop Tuesday, Aug. 19. IContinue reading “horses, rabbits, a couple dogs for ebay”

goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay

Here’s 3 paintings I’ll be putting up on ebay this week, on the 29th. Of July, if you’re looking at this next December! 2008. I was trying to keep up with the rainbow palette in oils. If I stop doing a technique, I immediately forget how to do it. I guess that’s why if youContinue reading “goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay”

Jack Russell, & Horse Paintings for ebay

This horse painting was one of those that as I was working on it I was sort of “is this working right?” about it, but then once I set it aside and let it dry and then brought it out again I loved it. Sometimes it takes that time distance to see clearly, or maybeContinue reading “Jack Russell, & Horse Paintings for ebay”