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painting: a bull (02/25/15)

This braw boy was at the rodeo last year. He has a pretty play of light over him.


12″x12″ oil on canvas. Available here.


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Isn’t this a charming scene? I wish I lived on a farm where my cows could wander by my laundry line…. But I don’t at the moment, and I asked the lady who posted the photo (Patrice Lewis, see her blog) this was modeled from if I could use her photo, and she very kindly said I could. I’m pretty shameless about asking people if I can use their great photos, because let’s face it, most of them (the photos) are going to evaporate into the internets–posted one day, never seen again thereafter.

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paintings: I am so pleased

This week I only finished up 2 paintings “for fun,” but they turned out spectacular. I am so happy. I think it’s because I knew what colors I wanted to work with, and didn’t allow myself any variation. I left off two of my normal colors without realizing it (did it make a difference?) and still can’t imagine these turning out better.

Lovely horses:
lovely horses

And a sweet mama cow with her calf:

I am a little bit (okay, a lot) mad that the company I buy my oil paints from keeps discontinuing colors once I learn to depend on them. I’m about to run out of 3 colors for which they have not substituted something similar. How aggravating could this be? I’m sure somewhere they have a chart for mixing your own (I would hope!) but it’s more like they just keep throwing out new colors and discontinuing the old. What is the business theory behind that??? It’s not like changing your favorite candy bar.

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painting: mama cow and calf

I used to just sketch a painting and paint it. One at a time. Now I’ve found that sometimes between the sketching part and the painting part I lose interest. So I try to keep a whole bunch of sketches going, so that when I have time to paint I’ll have a choice about what I sit down to do. I think this is a more successful system, as I always have at least one I feel excited about sitting down with when it comes time to paint.

This mama cow had an interesting array of spots over her whole body, and they were what made me excited about trying to paint “just right.” With rabbits it’s usually the highlights in the ears, or the little bit of hair at the back of the neck, but on this one it was the spots. And her horns. And the little bit of red in her nose that made her look alive. She’s destined for ebay this week.

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A cow with a calf painting for etsy

I put up this painting on etsy today. My photo still isn’t marvelous (why is there that shadow on half the painting???) but it looks like it’s as good as it’s going to get. The cows belong to a friend, and have family sentimental value. The calf was 3 days old, and I was very lucky to get photos.

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I think I was sick a couple days, and so didn’t get much painting done this week. I sat down to attempt it one evening, but when I don’t feel well it shows in the painting and so I gave it up. I was working on something that just wasn’t pulling together, and when I looked at it the next day I saw that my color choices were just all wrong. Funny I couldn’t see it on the day I was sick, I just knew something was wrong but couldn’t put my finger on it.

Once I felt better I did some terrific paintings! The goat is from a photo I took of Emily’s bunch way back around May day, the horses are from this year’s parade, and the steer is a photo Rachel sent me (thanks so much!). I wanted to do a whole week of farm animals, but didn’t end up getting much done. So on the docket for next week is a calf painting that I’ve had sitting waiting, but it just keeps saying, “I’m too hard to do today. Try me tomorrow.” All of these paintings will be available in my ebay listings Nov 4.
Overall I’m pretty pleased! There will be another rabbit available, too, always a rabbit!

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