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Aren’t these goat friends the cutest thing? They’ll be up in my ebay listings Tuesday Sept. 16.
And these bunnies are just cute, as is the little chickadee. I like painting the little birds, I should do more of them….
I’ll have more horses up then, and a harlequin great dane. And a pug.


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garden birds

I found out the chukars in our yard our not native. I have a neighbor who raises them to teach his dogs to hunt (I thought everyone used rubber lures! sheesh!), and sometimes the dogs let them out. Right now there are about 20 chukars and pheasants all over the neighborhood. Part of me says help him catch them, and the other half says why when his dogs will just catch them eventually? But their tails are cut off so they can’t fly well, so mostly they are neighborhood cat fodder. Here’s a photo of Elle following one in the yard. She kept repeating, “Where are you going? Where are you going?” as she followed it around and tried to entreat it to let her pet it.
And while on the subject of garden birds, I’ve been thinking about having a couple ornamental (but real) chickens for quite a while. A friend mentioned she thought we’d catch salmonella or something from poo in the yard, and she might be right so I need to find out more about that. But I found this wonderful picture in an old Victoria magazine (June, 2002), this structure is described as a Chinese chicken coop. Isn’t it pretty? A little fenced in area with doghouse sized chicken houses. This looks like just what I would want!

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I put up this happy girl in my etsy shop today. This week I worked on more-detailed backgrounds than I have been painting lately.
labrador dog

And if you liked my chickadee series but thought they were over priced (as if!), I lowered the prices on the whole series a couple weeks ago. Etsy is a place where either something sells right away, or else it drops down in the search listings so no one ever sees it after a couple days. So I lowered the price, to see if anyone takes another peek! Here’s an example of one of the paintings. I’ve been working with some of the vintage items I’ve thrifted, re-purposing them into paintings.

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