paintings: a bluebird, and a cottontail

I’m loving working with brushes again. Every so often, I guess you have to change things up just to keep things feeling fresh. I’ve never been good with that out-of-focus sort of background, but I think these last couple weeks I’ve finally found success. Eastern Bluebird, 8″x8″ oil on cradled board, in my Etsy shopContinue reading “paintings: a bluebird, and a cottontail”

goats, rabbits, and a chickadee painting for ebay

Aren’t these goat friends the cutest thing? They’ll be up in my ebay listings Tuesday Sept. 16. And these bunnies are just cute, as is the little chickadee. I like painting the little birds, I should do more of them…. I’ll have more horses up then, and a harlequin great dane. And a pug.

a Labrador painting for etsy

I put up this happy girl in my etsy shop today. This week I worked on more-detailed backgrounds than I have been painting lately. And if you liked my chickadee series but thought they were over priced (as if!), I lowered the prices on the whole series a couple weeks ago. Etsy is a placeContinue reading “a Labrador painting for etsy”