MSPT: a Japanese knot bag

I’ve wanted to make one of these since the first time I saw one. And then several years passed, and finally there are loads of tutorials on youtube. Boy, is this a simple bag. First, I wanted to test my hexi skills, so gave those a go. All hand-sewing and a lot of ironing, butContinue reading “MSPT: a Japanese knot bag”

sewing: another messenger bag

I love this rose and dots fabric, it’s made by Lecien but the selvedge edge (I bought a half yard) doesn’t include the pattern name. The design is so bright and romantically shabby chic. I put in another zipper! I made the tab ends longer this time, thinking I’d be able to machine sew theContinue reading “sewing: another messenger bag”

1-day-project: granny bag

I saw an etsy seller selling these Japanese-style “grandma bag” is what she called them. I thought, “Ah, I have some bamboo handles,” (from a purse that didn’t work out so well) “and the perfect fabric for that!” My sister gave me another stack of fabric fat quarters this summer, so lots of divers fabricContinue reading “1-day-project: granny bag”

1-day-proects: Phoebe purse

I made the Phoebe purse maybe a year ago and was happy with the results but found it a nightmare to maneuver my over-stiff innerfacing through my sewing machine. With this in mind, I lightly innerfaced my fabric this time. Enough to give the purse some body and structure, but not enough to be extremelyContinue reading “1-day-proects: Phoebe purse”

crafty: sewing totes

I usually do not like to make the same thing twice, because where is the fun in that? But I have followed rabbit fabric for a long time, and the amount of sophisticated patterns is close to 1%. There’s plenty of cutesy, Easter bunnies with eggs, traditional-Japanese, and just ugly busy patterns. Sophisticated is very hardContinue reading “crafty: sewing totes”

crafty: rabbit totebag and makeup bag

I’ve been doing more sewing (as you’ll notice if you have been following my blog) and fell in love with this rabbit fabric. It’s called Hushabye, I don’t remember the artist but it’s for Moda. You can find more of it on ebay just by searching “fabric” and “hushabye.” The rabbits are colored aqua, soContinue reading “crafty: rabbit totebag and makeup bag”