paintings: a few requests

Here are several paintings from January. This beautiful girl passed away, and is a present for the owner. I hope she likes it.   This is a gift, too. I think I’ve painted only a handful of King Charles Spaniels.   This one I started out with gray/brown in mind, and then it went theContinue reading “paintings: a few requests”

paintings: horses, and a lab retriever (5/16/15)

This is the painting I won the Honorable Mention for. It’s 18″x24″ and available now in my etsy shop 🙂 This is a Lab who was at the park a little while ago. His owner was working on his boat a distance away, and this dog just couldn’t stand being separated. 11″x14″, also available inContinue reading “paintings: horses, and a lab retriever (5/16/15)”

isn’t this great?

This painting was a Christmas request. It makes me feel awesome to know someone has the perfect gift, and I helped make that happen. The lady who requested this painting says the occasion when the reference photo was taken marks the day this young man started to turn his life around. How terrific is that?Continue reading “isn’t this great?”

I am at the library!

Maybe I should say, “My paintings are at the library.” Now through the end of September, you can see 17 of my paintings in person at the Hermiston Library. There is a new program to showcase local artists, and try to stir up a little local support. Which is always a good thing, so IContinue reading “I am at the library!”

a variety of new paintings, August 16, 2014

We had company last week, so I didn’t get any painting done at all. I *did* list these paintings on etsy, though. Sorrel Horse, 10″x20″ oil on stretched canvas, available here. A lionhead rabbit, 8″x10″ oil on stretched canvas, available here. A sorrel horse eye, 12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas, available hereSOLD. A Doberman dog,Continue reading “a variety of new paintings, August 16, 2014”