at the antique show (pretty things)

There was an antique show at the convention center this weekend, and I toted my camera along hoping to find some inspiration. This post will be about pretty things I saw in vendors’ stalls, other posts will cover other things. And there was a lot of prettiness to see! There was an abundance of linensContinue reading “at the antique show (pretty things)”

sewing: clothespin apron

One of my friends commented her electricity bill was twice what she expected it to be in December. Other friends asked various questions, and decided the culprit was the clothes drier. My friend has eight kids, two in diapers, so the washer/drier are constantly going. I thought the proper motivation to stop using the drierContinue reading “sewing: clothespin apron”

1-day-project: child’s apron

This was actually about a half-hour project, start to finish. I used this pattern, except sized down to fit my daughter. I did also make the same apron but sized for me, except I didn’t have enough fabric to make the fully wrap-around apron strings, which this pattern really needs. And I didn’t take aContinue reading “1-day-project: child’s apron”

thrifting: pink gingham apron

Things have been slow on the thrifting front, but I did find a sweet pink apron. There’s chicken-scratching (is that what those white stitches are called? My mind is blank, if that’s not right) around the hem, and lots of pink rickrack. Rickrack seems to be the trim of choice for aprons. Up it willContinue reading “thrifting: pink gingham apron”

1-day-projects: apron

I made this apron for a friend who’s getting married. It’s a fairly quick project, but since it fits kind of snug it needs to be measured for the recipient. I measured me, because she’s about the same size (okay, she’s a little thinner! After her first baby, I bet it will fit perfectly!). It’sContinue reading “1-day-projects: apron”

My holy grail of aprons

I finally found one of those complete over-the-shoulder-with-lots-of-ruffles aprons. Yay! I wish it wasn’t quite such a busy pattern with so many strawberries, but at least it’s exactly the right shape that I’ve been looking for! Now I can copy it and make a few myself. I don’t know if June Cleaver ever wore aContinue reading “My holy grail of aprons”

thrifting Monday: an apron

I haven’t been finding much out thrifting lately. Are people holding on to their stuff thinking they’d rather just garage sale it later in the year for actual cash instead of a tax credit? Hmm. Anyway, I found this lovely apron. The colors are bright and spring-y, which is pretty rare in the aprons IContinue reading “thrifting Monday: an apron”

thrifted patterns and aprons

I haven’t found any aprons lately, so these are nice additions. The first one is just so bright and cheery, and close inspection of the little rounds show regency scenes. From the ’50s is my guess, based on pink and black. The second one has happy daisies, and I’d guess early ’70s. Not so sure,Continue reading “thrifted patterns and aprons”