mspt: more potholders

I think I’ve blown through my potholder enthusiasm, but at least have finished about 10. Here’s the latest. Isn’t the main fabric pretty? It’s printed in Japan, and if I remember right, by a company named Pretty Poodle. Or else that is the design name, which makes no sense since it’s flowers, but coming fromContinue reading “mspt: more potholders”

tutorial: sew a fabric paperback book cover

This is such an easy project, and quick, too! Who doesn’t like to hide a cheezy romance book beneath a pretty-but-obscuring cover? Step 1. Cut out your focus fabric. The dimensions to use for a standard trade paperback are 8″ x 10-1/2″. Or measure your book if it is one of those large-sized paperback, orContinue reading “tutorial: sew a fabric paperback book cover”

1-day-projects: holiday table runner

Sorry this is such a lousy photo, my flash must be going bad. This is the better of two shots. The fabric is Winter Elegance by Sentimental Studios for Michael Miller. This is touted as a ten-minute table runner, and it really is–except for the ironing. Maybe a fifteen minute table runner, after hand sewingContinue reading “1-day-projects: holiday table runner”

finished project: painted dresser

You’d think I would have thought to take photos of the “before” version, but I didn’t. I had painted this dresser about 15 years ago, using first a dark blue all over, and then a cream enamel over that that I sanded to distress it here and there and let the blue show through. IContinue reading “finished project: painted dresser”

1-day-project: granny bag

I saw an etsy seller selling these Japanese-style “grandma bag” is what she called them. I thought, “Ah, I have some bamboo handles,” (from a purse that didn’t work out so well) “and the perfect fabric for that!” My sister gave me another stack of fabric fat quarters this summer, so lots of divers fabricContinue reading “1-day-project: granny bag”

1-day-project: child’s apron

This was actually about a half-hour project, start to finish. I used this pattern, except sized down to fit my daughter. I did also make the same apron but sized for me, except I didn’t have enough fabric to make the fully wrap-around apron strings, which this pattern really needs. And I didn’t take aContinue reading “1-day-project: child’s apron”

finished bluebird pillowcase

I think I tried the limits of the lazy-daisy stitch on those red flowers. They are about 1/2 long on each loop. I’ll have to see whether it holds up in the laundry. Overall, I like the blue birds contrasting the red flowers. Even though they are about the same value, they still work becauseContinue reading “finished bluebird pillowcase”

1-day-projects: finished sun hat

Yay, this hat pattern worked much better this time, my third attempt. It’s as cute as I knew it could be. Last time the crown had too much fabric for the head/brim opening, which I cleverly disguised hid in plain sight with a pleat at the back. I wasn’t happy. This time when I sewedContinue reading “1-day-projects: finished sun hat”

1-day-proects: Phoebe purse

I made the Phoebe purse maybe a year ago and was happy with the results but found it a nightmare to maneuver my over-stiff innerfacing through my sewing machine. With this in mind, I lightly innerfaced my fabric this time. Enough to give the purse some body and structure, but not enough to be extremelyContinue reading “1-day-proects: Phoebe purse”