thrifting friday

My gosh, what a great haul! I saw a lady with her basket piled high (she had a baby crib set with the bunnies from the “Guess How Much I Love You” or is it “I Love You This Much”? books–great find!) pawing through the linens bin and my heart sank because she looked to be reselling on ebay and grabbing everything good. But nope, right on top was this beautiful lady and poodle. She’s sewn into a bag shape but the top is unfinished. I wonder what she was meant to be? So pretty! And about 14 inches tall!

And then this assortment of other lovelies. Cute bird, and lovely purple pansy tablescarf! Not pictured, I also bought the whispiest breath of linen and lace handkerchief. There were more items, but these were the nicest. Altogether, $5 and I still have $2.60 left on my gift certificate. That $25 is lasting a long time!


Now I’m thinking I won’t use these things, but I’ll keep collecting them and then see if Elle wants to start her own etsy business when she’s old enough to sew. It will teach her about having to spend money to make money, and how to complete projects and worry about the customer. If she doesn’t want to, fine, I can always use them myself. I figure it will take another 10 years of collecting to really be able to start a business project, anyway. They don’t come along too often.


Kid’s Craft link

Why hunt around looking for kid-craft blogs when someone else is already doing the work? I hope she doesn’t mind me linking, but here’s the crafty crow‘s collection of fun things to do with the kids.

Scroll down to those rainbow cookies. Yum! Definitely worth bookmarking for ever-changing ideas!

pretty peony

Waiting for flowers to bloom is sort of like waiting for babies, isn’t it? “What will it be like? Robust? Delicate and small? I can’t wait!” except it doesn’t take quite so much time, and there’s a lot faster turnover of youngsters.

My peonies have been taking their time. Remember last year I complained there were lots of plants but no blooms? This year they’re putting out buds with vigor, and now we’re waiting for another sunny day to give them the oomph they need to bloom. We’ve gone from 90-degrees to mid-sixties with lots of wind. I’d rather have the heat, thanks.

cell phone service

My virgin cell phone was analog, so I needed to buy a new one when the service switched over to all digital. I switched to tracfone because I use a cell phone never, but want to have one for out driving just-in-case. The tracfone webpage has a value plan, which us described as: “Adds 30 DAYS OF SERVICE, automatically. You are only charged $4.95/month when you need it.” To me that sounds like I am charged $4.95 when I need to use the phone. However, what this means is you’ll be charged $4.95 a month automatically. Oh.

So this phone is less of a value than the virgin phone was. With the virgin I paid $20 every 3 months, and also accrued $20 worth of phone time. I have to pay for minutes separately with the tracfone, and accrue nothing.

I am saving $20 a year with the tracfone, but if I switch back to virgin and let the minutes accrue, I cold give the phone to Elle when she’s older when she needs one, and let her talk her heart out because there will be a thousand minutes of time accrued. So it’s worth the extra $20 a year to let that happen.

Does anybody have a cheap cell phone service that sounds better than that plan?

thrifted pitcher

This little guy looks like he’s from the 1930s or 40s to me. His bottom is marked Slovakia, and I don’t even know where that country went although I suspect it merged with the Czech republic. He cost $8.50 which is at the high end of what I’ll pay, but at first I thought he might be a good gift before I decided to keep him. A couple days later there was a pig bank from the same era, and of course I’m still kicking myself for not buying it.

But he’s pretty cute and a mild solice to make up for the miss.

around my garden

My twisty baby locust tree produces flowers. This is year 3 for the tree. Year one it had flowers, year two zero, and this year they are appearing in the uppermost branches. The flowers are drapey, like a wisteria, and have a sweet fragrance. Hey, I’ve been noticing something that smells like cough syrup grapes, and it is probably the tree. The branches are becoming less twisty as the tree gets bigger, and the older growth gets inch long thorns that look like rooster spurs. So this isn’t a great tree for kids, and of course the nursery people and the tag on the tree didn’t mention the thorns. But the flowers are nice.

Here’s a pretty little rosebud. The variety is Westenra, I think, and it’s a climbing rose of an orangey apricot color. It should spread to about 12 feet–I can’t wait!


And you know how you always snap the photo just a second too late? Hah, I finally snapped a crow just right before it went behind the house and out of sight. I took the photo through the window so it’s a little grainy, but still good enough for artwork!