Around my garden

I noticed that even though I didn’t plant any yellow tulips last year, most of my tulips this year came up yellow. And I’m pretty certain I also did not plant any yellow lillies, only tiger striped and red ones, and yet here they are, yellow. Is there something in the soil, or lack thereof, that is influincing my flowers?


Here’s a pretty something from my wildflower mix. Most of the flowers grew up to be too tall and too leggy for my taste, not a nice mix of sedate flowers at all. Probably a good mix if you have a vacant lot your want to beautify, but really not good for much else.


My Mr. Lincoln rose is terrific–a very straight long stem (at least sixteen inches) and wonderful fragrance. A perfect cutting rose.

I’ve noticed several people coming to my blog while searching for info on the twisty baby locust tree, so this is a PSA. When buying a tree at your nursery, ask if your area is hit by the locust beetle before you actually buy.

When I lived in CA I always bought the hyacinth bushes because they sold them at the nursery, and they’re so pretty. And every year they died. So finally one day I was listening the gardening radio program hosted by a nursery shop owner, and he explained that he stocked the hyacinth because people wanted to buy them, but that they would die in the winter because it was too cold. Well, oh. If I’d known it was going to die, I wouldn’t have WANTED to buy it.

Maybe it’s the same thing with the locust tree–but really, why stock it if there is a local blight going on???? I wouldn’t WANT to buy it if I knew it was going to die. So just because the nursery stocks something doesn’t mean it’s a good choice. You’d think it would be reasonable to assume otherwise, but nope.


Terrific day playing

My gosh, Elle had so much fun playing at Melissa’s house she didn’t want to leave! Wah wah wah! I mean, if I had one of these cars to drive around in too, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to leave, either!

Me, I took a ton of terrific photos–horses, goats, and a Lab! The horses and goats were perfect, hanging out in groups instead of singly, just like I always hope to snap! I’m going to have some great paintings coming up in the next few weeks!

Woohoo–cute patterns

Today was another gold mine thrifting. I should have bought all the patterns, I hope some are still there tomorrow. I had no intention of buying 3 pajama patterns–I must have put a good dress one back by mistake. Rats! I can see making that poofy skirted dress and maybe a pea coat–doesn’t it look so Emma Peel?


And I bought a tablecloth. Sunflowers and wheat. The pattern runs in a strip down the center, too, not just the edges. It matches my kitchen, so terrific!

thrifting monday, and pillowcase

Here’s my finds from this morning, a pretty tablecloth big enough for an end table, and teacup and saucer. I was taking a break on buying teacups, but it was priced right and is pretty so I thought what the heck. ONE day I will own the perfect sideboard to put all my dishes in, so I might as well be working on the dish collection. The tablecloth is in perfect shape, and has an amazing amount of sewing details. The whole thing is very filled in with design, and there’s a lot of lacework-y threading here and there that I’m surprised is not torn. I guess it wasn’t used much.

This weekend I finished working on my first pillowcase. I’m all excited about working on the next one, so I wanted to hurry and have this one done so it wasn’t lagging half finished in the background. I think this one took me between 6 and 8 hours to do. So let’s see, at minimum wage of $5, that’s thirty to forty dollars per pillowcase, and they’re sold in pairs. No wonder these aren’t popular anymore. If someone gives you this as a wedding gift, you’d better use them! Don’t let someone like me buy them out thrifting for a dollar! The design called for one shade of green only, but I thought that would look too harsh so I substituted light green for details. I’m sure it looks a lot better than the original design.


Pretty shopping bag

My sister added a pretty new shopping bag to her etsy shop. Honestly, I don’t know how she can sell these for $6. The picture’s not quite right (my fault), but at least you can see the fabric!

Me, I’m working on embroidering pillowcases. Did I say I found even more, and now have 6 waiting to be embroidered? I started one of the rose cross stitch, and then found a poppy one that uses embroidery, which I like a lot better. But I’ll finish the rose one first, before starting it. Plenty of time to do all of them, right?

Busy week

What a busy day today! Early thrifting, then playing in the park with playgroup, then McDonald’s for a meal and a lot more play time in the playland. It was of course my intention to never introduce Elle to McDonald’s, but that went by the wayside a while ago. Now it’s a treat to go with our friend Ellen and her daughter every couple weeks or so after a long morning of playing. Elle certainly looks forward to it, and is always disappointed when we drive by and don’t stop in.

Let’s see, I took this photo after noticing Elle was playing with my paints. Of course I don’t let her play with them since a few of them are hazardous and all have the potential for creating a ruined carpet. So the forbidden fruit is the most desired, and she likes to just hold them whenever she can. And organize. So many pretty colors.

Here’s a commission I’ve been working on. I’m not wed to his eyes and haven’t run it by the owner yet. The whole thing feels a little sparse to me, but how do you fill out water and a dock? It’s not a place for lots of busy-ness.

And just because thrifting has been sparse, I’ll show off my sheet collection. I’m buying pinks and greens with the intention of cutting them up and making a quilt for Elle. I’ve seen some gorgeous examples of pink and green quilts online. My fabrics aren’t quite up to snuff yet, but maybe in time…. That rose sheet on the bottom is king size, crisp and feels new. The rose border is gorgeous, and I think that one might just make it into daily use. I always wonder what motivates someone to throw away a new, gorgeous thing.

I know I said I would never do it, but

I bought a thrifted item specifically to put on ebay.

It is soooo hard to pass up items that are beautiful and just perfect (for someone else) but that I don’t need. Especially when they are ridiculously cheap.

So I bought one item. And I’ll set it aside. Maybe for years. Until I have enough other items that it’s worth putting them up on ebay…because you can’t run just one item, you need to run a whole bunch to get the carryover traffic.

But now I have to make the commitment to actually BUY other items for resale. Sigh. Big sigh. Unless someone wants to make an early bid maybe?

It’s this quilt top. Just the top, it’s all been pieced together, but no backing and no lining. Just the pieced top. In Japanese fabrics. Wouldn’t it look terrific if it was finished with hand ties, or with wood buttons? A pretty bow pattern, and I know it’s generous for a queen size bed, so might even fit a king. If you’re interested, I can measure it. All it needs is to be finished!

And keeping with the Japanese theme, this embroidery looks like a large napkin, with each corner a different design and a big butterfly in the center. Here’s the center, and a carp. Someone could have been more imaginative with the carp, but okay.

There’s a blossom image in another corner, a flower not shown, and a kanji. Janine, what does the kanji say?

This butterfly is exactly the same as the one above. It also looks like it was embroidered on a napkin.

This basket table scarf is very intricate. Because it is stained, I got it for a quarter. Can you imagine? So much time in this design, because there’s an identical one at the other end!

And lastly is this very delicate tulip. I think this one is my favorite. Too bad the one french knot has come undone, but isn’t that part of the charm?