peonies & delphinium

Don’t these peonies pair nicely with the delphinium as a backdrop? The delphinium tower 3 feet above the peonies, and the strong contrast color is striking. Since the peonies bloom only once a year, they needed neighbors who were ever-bloomers. I’ve got a little square area of 9 peony plants in their first year, and I’ve been struggling to make seeds come up in the bare areas between them since it will take a couple years before the stars reach their full potential, but mostly everything is still bare. We went to the nursery yesterday to buy more delphinium, but they had only one left. Sigh. So four of those make a backdrop–and since they grow to two or feet wide by six feet high, they are definitely eye catchers. Four will be enough for now. Next year, or probably the year after that for sure, it all should be lovely as planned!



Weim painting for etsy

I put up this Weimaraner painting in my etsy shop. I thought I’d better link to it, as I didn’t send out a newsletter this week! My ebay paintings are sparse this week because I have several commissions to work on, and those come first. The Weim has a little bit different coloring for me because someone asked if I could paint a brown Weim, and I was practicing.


great cake stand

This wasn’t quite thrifting because I bought it at the second hand shop waiting for the farmer’s market to open. He had a bird cage I’m thinking about, it was in slightly rough shape but at least had a pole stand (needed to keep the cat away from the bird). Anyway, I’ve been looking for a cake stand for at least a year–and just before I started looking they were always at Goodwill, and I’d think, “It’s too big. Where will I store that?”–and he gave me a discount so I bought it. Nice heavy glass, and there’s flowers embossed in the plate part. Doesn’t it make you want to have a wildly extravagant cake on your counter, with lots of frosting ribbons and flowers?

Elle is insisting on getting in on the act of every photo I take, so she spruced up the stand with one of her stacking cups. Fine.

thrifting monday

Look at this great shirt! I never buy clothes, mmm, I guess I think there’s something creepy about pre-worn clothes, but I saw this one through the window as we drove up and I loved the fabric and I could tell it would fit me perfectly! It does! It’s homemade, too, but someone must have had tailor training because it’s extremely well done. Look at the French cuffs, there’s a contrast fabric in there, and the same at the collar. It looks like it’s never been worn, too, and was even still ironed. I wonder why someone made it and then never wore it? Maybe it was a present, and the receiver didn’t like it…. well I do! Darts, and a hem that let’s you wear it untucked. I can’t believe it fits like it was made for me!

And then I found two more mugs! This time they are marked Stylecraft, as well as Japan. I checked ebay, and there was only one similar mug available. I guess they are not highly collectable? Still, I like them, and for a quarter each I will have a HUGE collection and still have spent only $25 by the time I’m bored with them. That first one I bought was the best design, I keep hoping to find more like it. This time the turtle is kind of cute, and the birds are definitely cardinals so they should be red, but if they DID fade, then it doesn’t explain why the wheat is exactly the same shade as the birds. Although maybe they still would have faded to yellow. The turtle has a repaired handle. I’m amazed how many of these have repairs–why didn’t people just throw them away?

thrifting saturday

Today someone’s big collection of cross stitch magazines from the last 20 years showed up, in immaculate condition. I bought 4. And 4 tubes of Aida cloth. I left a whole lot of cloth behind (at a dollar, I thought it was still sorta pricey) and at least 75 magazines. Really, how many designs do you need? I picked up classic Christmas designs, and I hope I grabbed a halloween issue, I’ll have to double check. I don’t like the geese, teddy bears, and cat/bunny designs. But holidays are fine. One has The 12 Days of Christmas ornament patterns, I thought those were fine.

I can’t imagine when I will next have time to sit and cross stitch–I mean, it’s got to still be 5 years off!–but who can pass up a bargain when you KNOW it’s something you’ll be buying down the road?

Maybe Elle will want to cross stitch, and we’ll have plenty of designs to choose from. Otherwise, Janine if you want some, I can always go back and look through the magazines tomorrow–I’m sure they won’t all be sold out, even at a quarter each. I probably should have bought all the cloth, sigh.