new flowers

The winter has been lingering here, and affecting the flowers. My Japanese Iris are really late to bloom, I thought maybe they were going to skip this year. They are sturdy and elegant, a little more so than the softer and fleshier regular iris.

The strawberries are coming on, though, which makes Elle do a little dance and wonder where the actual berries are. She gets excited thinking there will be real berries there.

Lilacs and who knows?

My lilac shrub is blooming, and I’d like to bring some of the blooms inside. But since the tree is only about 3 feet tall at this point, and I see that snipping blooms means actually snipping off the branch tip, can someone tell me if this will help or hinder future growth? Does the tree see losing its branch tips as encouraging growth, or the opposite?

And this lacy little blue thing was part of a wildflower seed packet assortment. That packet did unusually well for seeds (for me). Does anyone know what this flower is?

Is there anything better than fresh flowers?

Pretty things

The latest issue of Victoria magazine is out, yay! It’s dedicated to the blue and white color scheme. Don’t you just love blue and white? Of course I love pink and yellow, too, and red and white…I love so many colors, who can pick one theme? Anyway, from the latest issue I draw your attention to this hanger. Look at it closely. It has clippy clothes pins hanging from it. What a neat idea! Tea towels, as shown, or maybe your kid’s hats, or dolly clothes–boy, you could use this to keep so many things organized! Paint a wood hanger (after drilling those holes) and paint some clippy pins bright colors….I’m going to have to get on this!

Busy Weekend

I taught another drawing class for the church ladies, and determined I am not a great teacher. The painting class seemed to go a lot better than the drawing classes. How do you explain drawing? “See that thing? Make lines on paper that look like it.” Really, it’s all about being able to actually see what you are looking at, and understanding dimension and shadow. How do you teach that? I’ll give another class a try because I want people to paint what they’ve drawn, and it takes that step of actually drawing to get there. But the painting is much more fun.

Our local Costco is out of the big bags of rice. Is that crazy? Are people stocking up to resell on ebay? 

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