sewing: musing about embroidery floss

I pick up embroidery floss whenever I see it while out thrifting. I picked up a whole, filled bead-box with about 100 colors for $4.50 one time. Maybe even more colors than that. So that’s about four cents a skein, while nowadays a skein retails for about thirty-five cents. It’s not like floss is going toContinue reading “sewing: musing about embroidery floss”

thrifting: Bucilla pillowcase pair

Yay, I finally thrifted a pillowcase blank where the manufacturer is legible! Bucilla, and they have a lot of options available for sale on the web. These are my favorite pillowcase blanks to find, because the cotton is the best quality and the designs are significantly more intricate than their competitors. But I’d never foundContinue reading “thrifting: Bucilla pillowcase pair”

Thrifty Thursday: lots of finds!

My sewing machine finally could not be coaxed into a consistent tension (all those awful loops disfiguring the back side) so I took it into town for a maintenance check. If there’s little bits of fuzz somewhere fouling up the works, I could not find it – but maybe a professional can figure it out!Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday: lots of finds!”

score! beautiful tablecloth while thrifting

I haven’t been thrifting much lately, because as I said, once you have everything you need, it doesn’t make sense to keep buying more stuff even though something is cheap or old. But I can’t say no to old linens, and this tablecloth is like-new gorgeous! I am guessing it is from the 1950s orContinue reading “score! beautiful tablecloth while thrifting”

what’s better than a sale?

What’s better than a sale? A vintage clothing sale, that’s what! Just to help spread the word about a good thing, J Peterman is having a sale on some of it’s close-out items. I bought this gorgeous dress a few weeks ago when it’s sale price was slightly higher, and it is my favorite dressContinue reading “what’s better than a sale?”

thrifting: pink gingham apron

Things have been slow on the thrifting front, but I did find a sweet pink apron. There’s chicken-scratching (is that what those white stitches are called? My mind is blank, if that’s not right) around the hem, and lots of pink rickrack. Rickrack seems to be the trim of choice for aprons. Up it willContinue reading “thrifting: pink gingham apron”