goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay

Here’s 3 paintings I’ll be putting up on ebay this week, on the 29th. Of July, if you’re looking at this next December! 2008. I was trying to keep up with the rainbow palette in oils. If I stop doing a technique, I immediately forget how to do it. I guess that’s why if youContinue reading “goats, greyhound, & a sheep painting for ebay”

A horse, a rabbit, and a moose painting for ebay

This week I really got the swing of bright oil paints. I’ve been trying to go here for a long time, and this week finally was able to do it right! These will go up on ebay July 22. Isn’t this horse fantastic? And these rabbits are fabulous, too! The light highlight was weird inContinue reading “A horse, a rabbit, and a moose painting for ebay”

Jack Russell, & Horse Paintings for ebay

This horse painting was one of those that as I was working on it I was sort of “is this working right?” about it, but then once I set it aside and let it dry and then brought it out again I loved it. Sometimes it takes that time distance to see clearly, or maybeContinue reading “Jack Russell, & Horse Paintings for ebay”

a Labrador painting for etsy

I put up this happy girl in my etsy shop today. This week I worked on more-detailed backgrounds than I have been painting lately. And if you liked my chickadee series but thought they were over priced (as if!), I lowered the prices on the whole series a couple weeks ago. Etsy is a placeContinue reading “a Labrador painting for etsy”

Goats and a horse painting for ebay

Here are two paintings from photos I took at Melissa’s place. She has the cutest goats! I’ve got a ton more photos of everybody, so there will be a lot more paintings to follow. These will be in my ebay shop on July 1! I have another goat painting available right now on ebay thatContinue reading “Goats and a horse painting for ebay”