painting: alpine goat (04/10/17)

Didn’t she turn out lovely? I don’t always have my signature in the photo because the paint has to dry before I can come back and add the overlay signature. It would just be a big smear if I tried to do it while the paint’s wet. So that explains that! 12″x12″ oil on stretchedContinue reading “painting: alpine goat (04/10/17)”

painting: a nubian grin (11/20/16)

How is the weather where you are? It feels like it’s just this side of snowing here. Rainy, shivery cold, and frost in the mornings. I guess I’m glad it hasn’t actually snowed yet, after seeing the weather reports from the midwest! My happy goat harkens back to the sunny days of summer. Bright, colorful, andContinue reading “painting: a nubian grin (11/20/16)”

painting: a nubian goat (11/06/16)

I’ve been painting, but the Christmas requests are already coming in so there won’t be a whole lot added to my etsy shop. I’ve got 6 ready to roll out this week, though! After that, I will probably have to put all my spare time into making sure everyone’s Christmas presents get painted in timeContinue reading “painting: a nubian goat (11/06/16)”

painting: cheery Toggenburg goat (12/10/15)

Since we’re in the countdown to Christmas, I listed this cheery girl today even though she isn’t ready to ship until December 16. This gives the most people the opportunity of seeing her, while leaving enough time for her to arrive before the big day 🙂 I didn’t sign before snapping the photo, but willContinue reading “painting: cheery Toggenburg goat (12/10/15)”

paintings: a bunny, and a boer goat (11/30/15)

Since we’re doing the whole cyber sale days, I thought I’d better get the paintings I have done up and out there right away–so I’ll be listing 2 a day for the next couple days. I absolutely love the colors in this goat. She has fabulous curled ears, and such an engaging expression. 12″x12″ oilContinue reading “paintings: a bunny, and a boer goat (11/30/15)”