not speechless but stupefied

I haven’t udpated with my usual around-home stuff because it all just seems so trivial after the earthquake. Not just trivial, but inane and unimportant as well. So a bit of radio silence for a few days to take it all in. Everyone knows my sister lives in Japan, right? Her family is fine, everyoneContinue reading “not speechless but stupefied”

a glimpse of time gone by

Here’s a collection of Old West photographs published in the Daily Mail. What strikes me about the people is how clean all of them look, even the gold-panners with their months-old beards. Their clothes look crisp in a clean way, not crisp in a standing-up-by-its-own-filth way. When you had nothing but respectability to hang onContinue reading “a glimpse of time gone by”

crafty: stenciling

I admit I have always thought of stenciling as being a sort of poor-man cheat, but realistically not every art job needs to be heirloom-worthy and sometimes time/money/ability calls for a little cheating. For instance, daughter wants her room decorated in Disney Princess theme, and I just can’t see investing actual time into elaborately decoratingContinue reading “crafty: stenciling”

Grammar Friday: feed

Here’s a yahoo news story that just made me cringe because by using a word incorrectly the author implies children are animals. Over and over again. Is Picky Eating an Early Sign of Autism? From the very first paragraph: New research on the finicky eating habits of children with autism finds that while autistic childrenContinue reading “Grammar Friday: feed”

small rant: reproducing other people’s stuff

In a weird kismet, I just happened across this blog post randomly (don’t you like to click people’s favorites and see where they take you?) and it just happens to sum up the China-reproducing-people’s-stuff anger that I’ve managed to stuff away and ignore. This unfortunate etsy seller found one of her stuffed creations for saleContinue reading “small rant: reproducing other people’s stuff”

grammar Friday: verbiage

Doing this grammar thing is fun because I double check lots of things and find out rules I was taught so many years ago are now outdated (example: “He can only have one cookie,” is now considered okay). The word verbiage is in a radio commercial for a product that teaches you how to teachContinue reading “grammar Friday: verbiage”

Unintended consequences

Did you know that the Good Intentions people are about to put most US mom-and-pop children’s toys and clothing businesses out of business? I didn’t either. New laws are set to go into effect that will make the cost of doing business untenable for small home-made crafters. While trying to make China come into line,Continue reading “Unintended consequences”