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Here’s a link to a photo assemblage of American city shops last mid-century. What I notice is the lack of foot traffic, car traffic, and the sense of emptiness. Where are all the people? I like looking at these kinds of things, and imagining all the stories. Such a very different time.

May – December romance, Ginger Rogers?

My mother passed on some movie magazines from the 1950s to me, and mostly they seem to talk about who’s marrying or divorcing whom. Did you know Zsa Zsa Gabor was born in 1906? Wow. I bet IMDB does not back that up (nope, says 1917. Wonder which is right?). And that she was marriedContinue reading “May – December romance, Ginger Rogers?”

sorry so long without posting

I think I must be feeling a little bit of the blog blahs. We all go through that, right? Nothing much of interest to report, no interesting new recipes, projects only half-finished, and the day to day stuff just doesn’t seem so important. So I was reflecting on my now long-standing repeating dream. It mustContinue reading “sorry so long without posting”

reading: Babar the King

We got to the end of Babar the King (1935), by Laurent De Brunhoff, and the sentiments on the final pages surprised me. Let’s look at the pages. Just in case the legend beneath each nasty is too small to be seen, each monster is: Fear, Indolence, Misfortune, Anger, Stupidity, Sickness, Discourtesy, Anger, Cowardice, andContinue reading “reading: Babar the King”

window shopping on the web

I try to tell you when there is a good sale at J Peterman, but today I’m just highlighting some dresses I’m wishing about. Not on sale. Fingers crossed they come on sale in my size! The first one, at $124, is pretty close to affordable while still not being on sale. (Remember to useContinue reading “window shopping on the web”