making something pretty today: knitting

I always have a million projects up in the air, but the good thing is that I actually finish them, right? So I don’t feel bad starting a new one. I’ve known lots of people who start things but never finish, then move on to something else. What’s the point of starting in the firstContinue reading “making something pretty today: knitting”

making something pretty: a finish!

I forgot to link to the pattern I used to make my shawl. It’s this one. Remember I went to the knit shop and picked out the pattern because I saw a finished example on the wall. When I went to buy the pattern, the shop owner logged on to Ravelry for me and downloadedContinue reading “making something pretty: a finish!”

time for knitting

Just in case it seems like I haven’t been doing anything other than painting, here’s some photo of the gloves I’ve been knitting for next Christmas. I started with 44 stitches, ribbing knit two purl two, and put in two eight-stitch cables. Pretty easy to remember, as long as I remember, “Did I twirl theContinue reading “time for knitting”

MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts

MSPT= make something pretty today My friend could use a pair of these mitts, and there was just enough yarn to finish a pair. The wool was dk weight and had 218 yards if I remember right. I cast on an additional 8 stitches to these to make the size larger than the last pairContinue reading “MSPT: another pair of fingerless mitts”

keeping busy

Did everyone have a good holiday? I sure hope so. Weather here was uneventful, and today at 42-degrees it’s darn-right pleasant. The family caught a cold, of course (everything can’t be perfectly perfect, right?), so that’s still sort of in full swing, or at least, not to the getting-better stage. But otherwise, a very niceContinue reading “keeping busy”