Canning sweet and sour sauce

NOTE: As always, don’t trust internet recipes for something as important as canning. My recipe is from a friend and I don’t know her source, and maybe I mis-typed an ingredient or left something out. Cross check with other sources, and the Big Blue Ball Book of Canning is the only one I know toContinue reading “Canning sweet and sour sauce”

food: making crystalized flowers

There was a small article in Victoria magazine this month about a company who makes crystalized flowers to put atop wedding cakes and for special celebrations like that, and since I am tentatively planning a garden party for the little kids before the big kids are out of school, I thought I would try myContinue reading “food: making crystalized flowers”

more canning, tomatillo salsa

I did not grow the tomatillos, we got them from a friend’s garden, and I have actually never eaten one before except perhaps unknowingly at a restaurant. They smelled a little familiar while cooking, so I think I have eaten them in verde salsa before — I expect I always thought they were green tomatoes.Continue reading “more canning, tomatillo salsa”