why take lemon when you can have lime?

I ran across a recipe for Old-Fashioned Lemon Bars in a magazine (Dec 2000 Victoria), and saw that the base was shortbread and the spread was lemon curd. Ah ha, I thought, I bet lime curd on shortbread would be amazing. It took an extra trip to the store, because the recipe calls for 8Continue reading “why take lemon when you can have lime?”

gardening: heirloom seeds and variety

Look at this lovely “Moon and stars” watermelon. It is one of several varieties of garden vegetables the Victory Seed Company is trying to help not go extinct. Look at their page of seeds under the Ark of Taste category. Wouldn’t it be fun to help some varieties not go extinct? I was just readingContinue reading “gardening: heirloom seeds and variety”