Painting: dalmation and airedales

This pretty dalmation was for a commission. He turned out great! Sometimes playing with white is hard…because it’s so…white. But I don’t talk myself out of paintings as much as I used to, and usually I’m happy when done. Tah-dah! And I finished up these Airedales, from a photo from a lady who let meContinue reading “Painting: dalmation and airedales”

New Paintings: A grizzly, goats, ridgeback for ebay

I’ve only pulled aside 6 paintings to sell on ebay tomorrow (December 13, 2009), so I may very well add more. I also have a labrador retriever and horse painting. Hmm, two labs–one brown and one yellow! I love this grizzly bear and had it listed on etsy for a while. Etsy rotates the newestContinue reading “New Paintings: A grizzly, goats, ridgeback for ebay”

My painting break is over…

I guess I should say my selling break is over, because I’ve been painting all through December! I got some great photos from customers showing me how pleased family members were with the paintings of their pets — it’s always wonderful to hear the pantings go over well. And it’s sure something you’ll treasure forContinue reading “My painting break is over…”

A few paintings for etsy

Everyone knows I’m taking my December break from ebay sales, right? But I’ll still be listing a few in my etsy shop as time goes on, so keep peeking in! I have just added two horse paintings, a moose, and a Labrador dog painting, here’s some little preview photos. Thanks you, everyone, who has supportedContinue reading “A few paintings for etsy”

a Labrador painting for etsy

I put up this happy girl in my etsy shop today. This week I worked on more-detailed backgrounds than I have been painting lately. And if you liked my chickadee series but thought they were over priced (as if!), I lowered the prices on the whole series a couple weeks ago. Etsy is a placeContinue reading “a Labrador painting for etsy”