a little progress

I flubbed the flying geese, I admit that right now.   I had sewed flying geese for something else, but that was months ago, and in my memory the math on them was one way, when reality was entirely different. I cut out all the fabric and did my sample sewing…afterward. All that fabric, cutContinue reading “a little progress”

happy little chickens

I embroidered this happy little scene some time ago, but did not get around to sharing it. I found the towel at a thrift store, with the design pre-printed. The red ribbon was sewn to the bottom, too, and I’m not sure if the kit was sold with it or if the previous owner embellishedContinue reading “happy little chickens”

flirty little Christmas trees

A brand new year. 2020. I intend to get a LOT more projects finished this year. When I put together my photo compendium of last year’s projects, I noticed there was not one quilt completed. That’s a little disheartening, you know? This year–well, fingers crossed I’ll have more time for projects. I’ll have to carveContinue reading “flirty little Christmas trees”

mspt: lunch bag (09/28/19)

I did some sewing just for me. These lunch bags last about a year, with pretty frequent washing. It’s always nice to have something fresh and new. My sister gave me the bunny fabric, which I put aside for something special. Well, this is it! It just kills me to cut into fabric I’m saving,Continue reading “mspt: lunch bag (09/28/19)”

mspt: coin purse

I bought the purse clasp a long time ago because isn’t a little coin purse something you want to carry in your handbag? Snap open the clasp, dump in your change. Always handy, and so pulled-together.   I hand-sewed the hexes using paper templates. Sewed the finished “flower” to the main fabric. I created theContinue reading “mspt: coin purse”

favorite quilts at the fair, 2019

Disclaimer: None of the following quilts were made by me. These were my favorites from the Benton County fair this year, picked either for color or pattern, and in a few cases, both. Does anyone know the name of the fabric in the circle below? If you do, leave a comment. I’d like to findContinue reading “favorite quilts at the fair, 2019”

handmade grocery bags

I notice my sister, the talented CraftyTokyoMama, has two Halloween themed grocery bags for sale in her Etsy shop at super-reduced prices–under $10, including shipping straight from Japan! I have several similar bags, and I can attest these hold up for YEARS.  Wash, dry, re-use. The jack-o-lantern pic above is shown with 8 quarts ofContinue reading “handmade grocery bags”