a commissioned painting

Here’s one I’ve been working on, Saint Melangell who is the patron saint of rabbits. The rabbits have meaning for the person who made the request. Can you tell it’s a combination of Botticelli and Klimt? Thank you very much. People are my weak point as I don’t paint them very much, but it wasContinue reading “a commissioned painting”

Sorry, no newsletter this week

I forgot to take photos of my paintings Saturday, and didn’t think about it until Sunday night when I realized I’d left all my preparation (photos/newsletter/write-ups) for Tuesday entirely undone. What was I working on instead? Some sewing projects. I got totally distracted. So I’m going to show off four of my paintings here instead,Continue reading “Sorry, no newsletter this week”

Bunny painting

Did I say I’ve had a cold all week? No? Well, another cold. So I didn’t get much painting done. Long experience has demonstrated that when I feel sick my paintings just don’t come together right, my color choices are terrible, the colors don’t blend right (everything turns brown, or worse–green!), and altogether it’s aContinue reading “Bunny painting”

A cow with a calf painting for etsy

I put up this painting on etsy today. My photo still isn’t marvelous (why is there that shadow on half the painting???) but it looks like it’s as good as it’s going to get. The cows belong to a friend, and have family sentimental value. The calf was 3 days old, and I was veryContinue reading “A cow with a calf painting for etsy”