painting: lemons (09/10/18)

Bright, cheerful lemons to brighten your kitchen.


11″X14x7/8″” canvas, 12″x15″x1-1/2″ with included frame, ready to hang.

available now in my etsy shop.  🙂


painting: Boer goat (09/09/18)

We’re closing in on Christmas and I have NOTHING done. Sort of like last year. In fact, exactly like last year. How about you? Care to share any ideas? I’m fresh out.

Finding time to paint in the spare hours is about all I can accomplish. I’m glad I’m able to do it, too. Did you know painting is not like riding a bicycle? It doesn’t all come back to you. You have to re-learn how to make the colors work together, and techniques fade away, too.

This happy Boer goat was at last year’s fair–I still have tons of models to paint. I like her curled ear, and the way her chin turned red in the sun. It’s not often I see black fur turn red, and it helped guide me on painting her highlights. Some artists can do this naturally, and just paint black as red, but I don’t have that light-bulb over my head that clicks on. Seeing her fur naturally doing this made me want to paint her, so I could get some practice in.


She’s 10″x10″ oil on stretched canvas, available in my etsy shop.

painting: horse friends (08/24/18)


We’re back from the fair, and I took photos of lots of lovely models to become new artworks this coming year.

The above are from last year (although I recognized a lot of the same horses), and didn’t this painting turn out lovely?

18″x24″ oil on stretched canvas. Available in my etsy shop.

painting: alpine goat

I got to the end of this one and questioned the use of green on the neck. Should it be yellow? But then sometimes over-thinking these things just ruins them, so I left it. The green accomplishes a certain balance, even if it blends into the background. It is what it is.


Such a happy girl.

12″x12″ oil on stretched canvas. Available here.

paintings: mama horses & foals (07/18/18)

Both of these paintings were painted from reference photos taken by people other than me. If an image is good and a person is kind enough to share, I don’t mind that the same image might be painted by 100 other artists. We all have a different take on it, so I’m okay with that.

The first is from a photo by Mel Clarke. Some years I’ve been lucky enough to snap photos of foals, but some years I miss the right days.

12″X12″ oil on stretched canvas, in my etsy shop here.



This next one is from a shot by Gary O’Dell, who photographs wild horses in Arizona.

18″x18″ oil on stretched canvas, available here.



And while I am here, I have been meaning to ask for people to share photos of your own pets for me to paint. I have lots of horse photos now but not so many dogs. I would give you first opportunity to buy the finished painting, but if you do not want to, I will sell it on etsy to someone who shares your love of pets. Leave a comment, and I’ll see if I can get my email address to you so you can share photos with me.