thrifting find: baby quilt

I’ve had some good luck while out thrifting, lately. Plus, there’s local flea markets where antiques are sold for thrift store prices. So many pretty things.

I picked up this hand-quilted baby quilt for $2. So sad that someone donated it. Throw it in the car, let the dog or cat use it, but for heaven’s sake–use it up, instead of donating it.

My gain, I guess, as I’ve been waiting to find one of these.

I can’t tell how old it might be. The majority of the fabric seems to be from shirts. Others suggest the 1960s to me, such as (below) that white and red in the upper left corner, and the red/yellow/green at the bottom edge. The brown with the folklore flowers. Not quite wild enough for the 1970s, but maybe….

Lots of shirts, though, with timeless fabrics. Plaids are always plaids–could be any decade.

Someone meticulously hand-quilted the top, with each row 1/2″ apart.

It’s so old, it has an amazingly soft hand and drape. I was trying to figure out what the batting might be–not stiff enough for cotton, not warm enough for wool.

I found out after I ran it through the washer and dryer.

There’s a polyester receiving blanket inside there. Waste not, want not.

The person who made the blanket used a “cheat” method of binding, and simply folded the backing fabric around to the front. This results in an edge that is fragile, and doesn’t last as long as other (Double Fold Bind!) methods.

Now that I’ve found this hand-quilted pretty, I can’t quite remember why I wanted it. What did I want to make? I see things on Pinterest and blogs and think, “Ooh, I should make one of those!”

But what was it? Any suggestions? All I can think of now is a cushion cover. If you can refresh my brain, I would love to get cracking on making this quilt into whatever it should be.

I’m okay with a cushion cover, but I just think it should be something a little more. Maybe a tote bag? It’s not sturdy enough to use to upholster a wooden chair back, but I love that look. I don’t need any shabby Christmas stockings, but I like how those look, too.

What oh what should I do with this?


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