sewing: patriotic table topper

The quilt show had fabric for sale, and I picked up a charm pack for $5. What a great price. I used all but two or three of the squares, and filled in the whites from my stash.

I never buy these kinds of prints. I like them. . . but I never buy them.

They worked so well in this design, I am tempted to do a whole bed quilt. I’ve always had in mind sewing a quilt with civil war reproduction prints. Maybe this will inspire me to get a move on with that.

I picked up the backing fabric at Hobby Lobby. What a pretty design. I picked up a little bit extra, so I would have some for another project TBD.

I wanted the quilt to have a scrappy look, but it’s not quite as varied as I hoped. My inspiration came from seeing this beautiful quilt. I like the way some of her prints just seem to fade away.

I am quite tempted to try this pattern again, in a different color way.

Lastly, here’s my beautiful Christmas cactus. I have never had one of these flower, ever. There must be something right about the conditions this year. 🙂

I hope your week is going well. Are you ready for Christmas?


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