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Are you enjoying a lovely change of weather? It seems like the awful heat is finally over. The nights are dipping down to the edge of winter-chilly. I hope autumn lingers, but it seems it will fly by.

The little frog was perched atop a rose bush. I was surprised to see him up there, and wonder how he managed it.

My own unsteady hand mangled all my frog photos a bit, I apologize for the blur. This was the best one of the bunch. Maybe I had too much coffee that morning….

Have you noticed I haven’t been posting project photos this year? I haven’t been doing much, besides knitting. I’ll post some photos of that another day. I couldn’t let Halloween get by without a couple additions to the decor, though. I made a set of coasters, and another bunting. I am running out of places to hang the Halloween buntings. Well, you know, can’t have too many.

The fabrics are both from Walmart, in the pre-cut half-yard seasonal collection. I really like the pumpkins, they got it just right. The design has a 1930s feel to it. I bought extra. I probably should buy more before it’s gone. (**update: It’s gone.)

Then a plate of thumbprint cookies. I think it’s a butter cookie, but it tastes like shortbread. With the raspberry jam, they turned out wonderfully delicious.

I hope the lovely weather goes on and on.

Have a great day, and thank you for visiting!


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