(not so) wordless Wednesday

I had some success propagating new hydrangeas using the bend-down-and-bury-a-branch method. I took a low branch (still attached to the mother plant), scraped off a little bit of the outer green bark layer, and buried that portion under a little bit of dirt and held it down with a big rock so the branch wouldn’t spring back up. That was last summer. This summer, I checked to see if roots had formed in the scratched-off area, and found some success. This little guy I cut from the mother and immediately planted it, and have kept it well watered every day. I may have used a little more rooting hormone on the roots, to give it some encouragement. It has grown from one straight twig into this branching plant. Yay!

Is this lower plant a nasturtium? I planted a lot of seeds this year, with not much success. I don’t remember what this was, and only the one plant came up out of the whole package.

This hydrangea is the mother plant of the shoot shown above. Summer of 2020 it was slightly smaller than the shoot! This is the first time it has bloomed. My Anabelle hydrangea made flowers that never fully formed, so I did some searching and found my soil is poor in potassium. I added some bone meal to the ground surface, and maybe next year I will be rewarded with blooms. I don’t know what kind of hydrangea the below one is–it was one of the $5 twigs sold in a box at Walmart. It certainly has performed spectacularly, and was well worth taking a chance.

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